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Professional Wrestling

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Damien Steele - Every Man's Man
Studio Sar-Ah with Jumbo Elvis
Studio Sar-Ah with Blain Rage

Studio Sar-Ah with Dory Funk Jr.
Femme Fatales Clash at the Funking Conservatory

Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham Part I

Dory Funk Jr. vs Mike Graham Part II

Professional Wrestling
Sunday July 12th in Ocala, Florida

Special Conditions - "I Quit" Tag Team Match
Dory Funk and Johnny Magnum

Blain Rage and Chaos with Sar-Ah

Women's Tag Team Championship Match
"The Claw" Claudia Reiff and Sa-Rah

The Wasilla Wrecking Crew
Rachael Moore and Charlotte Mahoy

Funking Conservatory World Championship
Shane Chung (Champion) vs Jumbo Elvis Sharp

Premium !BANG! TV Championship
Damien Steele vs Hack Meyers