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Dory Funk and Kurt Angle - Training Match

Right now, there is a need for wrestling talent.

The only catch is that the wrestling companies want trained talent.
Somebody that can draw them money, Now.

If you can demonstrate that you can draw money, work safely and
participate as a team member. They are looking for you.

If you were going to enter any high paying profession, you would
have to invest time and money in training.

To earn money in the category of a WWE superstar in another field,
It would require a doctorate from a university, Eight years and hundreds
of thousands of dollars invested in your education. Just Ask any
professional person, Doctor, Lawyer or company executive in the
salary range of a WWE Superstar.

In today's competitive atmosphere, a wrestling school is the fastest
way to acquire the skills necessary to become a professional

There is one more thing necessary for success as Mad Dog Vachon
so aptly put it many years ago. "You must love this business."

In selecting a wrestling school you should know as much as possible
about them and their training program. Following are ten questions
you should ask of a wrestling school before committing to them.

Dory Funk Jr. with WWE's Talent Manager, Dr. Tom Prichard

Do you have a safety program and what is that program?

What is the cost / benefit relationship?

What is your training program schedule?

How extensive is the television training?

What is your relationship with the major wrestling companies?

How long will it take to be ready for presentation to a major company?

What is the cleanliness and quality of the training facility?

What is your marketing program for student wrestlers?

Who are your past students that are successful?

Who is the instructor and what are his qualifications?

For answers to these questions from the Funking Conservatory
you may contact us at 352-895-4658 or E-mail Dory Funk Jr.

Dory Funk Jr. and Adam Windsor

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