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Home Runs Every Time

The performance in the ring is what wrestling is all about. The trips, the politics,
the training, the emotional stress, time away from home, finances are all the difficult
parameters of the wrestling business.

Performance in the ring is fun.

As a wrestler when you are in the ring performing, there are no telephone calls and
you can't worry about business or personal problems and there is none of this damn
junk e-mail.

A personal relationship develops between you, your opponent, the referee and the
fans in attendance. Your adrenaline flows, heartbeat quickens and in minutes you
are covered in perspiration. You call the shots and you are performing for all who
are watching.

This is what wrestling is about.

This is what you did all the hard work for.

In the ring, is where you should want to be more than any place in the world.

The performance is the most exhilarating time in your life.

To quote Canada's Greatest Athlete, Gene Kiniski, "We put up with all of this
crap to get here, we might as well work hard and enjoy ourselves in the ring."

There is a saying in pro wrestling that the bigger the house, the softer the ring.

Because of the nature of professional wrestling, we have the ability to hit a home
run in the bottom of the ninth to win the game in spectacular fashion.


Wednesday's !BANG! Gang - Home Run Hitters, Adam Windsor, Sledge Hammer, Dennis Cutter, Doc Johnson, Untouchable
Leon Scott, Tiziana, Lawbook Esquire, Kneeling - James Malone and The Claw.

Tryouts will continue Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for two more weeks at
the Funking Conservatory for our new !BANG! TV production schedule.

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