Ricky Romero (On the left) and Jack Cain come to the rescue after The Sheik threw fire in my face in an Arabian

Sand Match in Lubbock, Texas in February of 1964. I have word that Ricky Romero passed away

last night (January 15) of Diabetes. Ricky was my father, Dory Funk Sr.'s best friend, my trainer in professional

wrestling and one of the best workers ever in the wrestling business. Most famous of his sons are

Jay Youngblood, partner of Ricky Steamboat and Mark and Chris Youngblood who worked for

me in the Mid-Atlantic Territory in the mid eighties. Ricky's oldest son Rick was a wrestler too. From

The Funking Conservatory, Marti and I, our condolences to his family. My dear friend will be missed.

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