Dory's Funkin' Dojo Students

During 1998 and 1999 Dory Funk Jr. was the head training coach at the World Wrestling Federation. During his time there he trained many athletes, some of which are shown below.

                                                            Dory Funk with Kurt Angle                                      Dory Funk with Rikishi

                                                                    Dory Funk with Test                                        Taka Michinoku and Val Venis

                                                                                 Matt and Jeff Hardy                            Dory Funk and Droz

                                                                     Dory Funk with Tiger Ali Singh       Dory being slammed by Edge

                                                                                        Joey Abs                                     Essa Rios

                                                                                                   Dory Funk and Christian

All photos by Marti Funk. Copyright 2000 Royal Stud Productions inc.