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Gunslinger Rap
Cadallic Ranch Just West of Amarillo on Old Route 66
And the Beat Goes On

Benny Truesdale and Dory Funk Sr. were best friends. In the old days of the territories when my father was new in the wrestling business, many of the wrestlers traveled in house trailers. They would stay in each territory about three months and then it would be time to move on to another territory. Our family made the trip west from our home in Hammond, Indiana along Route 66 to promoter, Dory Detton's Amarillo Territory. We pulled a forty foot trailer with what we called our 1946 Oldswobile. It was really an Oldsmobile but at the factory someone had attached the "M" in Oldsmobile upside down on the rear end. We left it that way and called it our Oldswobile.

In Amarillo, Texas we  met up with long time friends Benny Truesdale, his wife Lil, and three children, Paul, Toni, and Jackie. For the time being the old Trollinger Trailer Park on NE 8th street (Route 66) in Amarillo, Texas was our home.

Benny and his family had been at our trailer for lunch in the morning. It was typical of a visit from the Truesdale family. Mother welcomed everyone into the trailer and hugged Benny's wife Lil and the kids, she offered coffee. Benny looked around and said, "Where is little Mary." He was referring to my little brother, Terry. That was all it took. Terry would come out swinging with both fists. Benny would put one hand on Terry's head holding him back saying "Well hello Mary, how are you today." Tears would burst forth from Terry's eyes and he would shout, "My name is not Mary, It is Terry." Then Dad would say,  "Stop crying Terry and leg dive him." Terry dove for Benny's leg, wrapping both his arms and legs around Benny's right ankle. For the next fifteen minutes, Benny Truesdale had to wear Terry Funk around his right leg.

Toni was the oldest of the Truesdale kids at 13 and was just starting to blossom into a young lady. Dad gave here a nickel and told her to give him a call when she turned eighteen. Benny would laugh and mother would hit dad in the head with a folded newspaper.

Life in the trailer parks was fun. Mother put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of our small bedroom and we could see the constellations when we went to bed at night. I remember One night Paul and I were rough housing at the park laundry. I accidently broke out a window pane. Mother made me take my piggy bank full of pennies and pay the park owner Mr. Trollinger for the damage done. He tried not to take the money, but mother would only have it one way. I broke it so I had to pay for the window.

Mother and Lil used to love to sit over a cup of coffee and talk about people they had met in the wrestling business, The Herb Parks family, the Gordon Hessle family, the Johnny Demchuck family, the Balk Estes Family, The Frank Murdoch Family and many others who traveled the trailer park circuit. Benny and Dad traveled the Amarillo Territory taking turns between Dad's Oldswobile and Benny Truesdale's old Kaiser Frazer.


(3:00pm somewhere between Amarillo and Albuquerque Traveling on old Route 66)
Dory Funk Sr. slammed on the breaks of the 1946 Oldswobile, pulled to the side of Route 66 and waved to the two hitch hikers to come and get into the car for the ride west. The Oldswobile had been traveling fast and by the time it came to a stop the two hitch hikers were about 30 yards from the car. They both broke into a run.  Just as they got even with the rear end of the car, Dory Funk Sr. hit the accelerator and the hitch hikers had a face full of New Mexico sand and gravel.

Funk slammed on the brakes again and pulled off on the shoulder of Route 66. This time, The hitch hikers were a good fifty yards behind the car. Dory  and Benny got out of the car and waved at the two hitch hikers to come on. They yelled at them, "Forgive us for a little joking around. Lets go. Come on, we promise we won't do that again. We'll wait for you this time." The hitch hikers walked at first, then as they got near the car, they broke into a run. Dory and Benny jumped into the car and took off again, laughing like Hell. They were playing their favorite game as they traveled on the long trips of the West Texas Territory, See how many times we can make the hitch hikers run.

Dory and Benny were having a ball with the two hitch hikers. They had made them run for the car four times and were going to try for a record fifth. They slammed on the brakes again. The hitch hikers wouldn't come. They were tired of eating dust and gravel.

Dory Funk said to Benny, "I have an idea. We will get them for the fifth time. Benny, I want you to drop your drawers and stick your fat ass out the window. They will be so pissed we will get them again. Just before they get here, we will take off for the last time. We'll have the last laugh on them. Benny turned red in the face because he was laughing so hard at this one.

Benny dropped his drawers and stuck his ass out the window. Sure enough the two hitch hikers came running to the car, cursing like sailors.  As the hitch hikers got close, Benny said, "Okay let's go Dory." Instead of hitting the accelerator and taking off, Dory Funk crammed his shoulder up against Benny in the front seat forcing his ass even further out the window. Benny was trapped with his ass stuck out the window. He couldn't move. The hitch hikers were coming closer, cursing louder and when they reached the car, all they could see was Benny's big ass sticking out the window. Benny was screaming at Dory Funk, "My God Dory, Let's go. Now!!!"

Both hitch hikers were infuriated. There was a fat ass staring them in the face. They both began punching Benny Truesdale in the ass. Benny was cursing and Dory Funk was laughing so hard he was crying. The two hitch hikers got their revenge.

Fifty one years later on Monday Night Raw,  Shawn Michaels mooned the audience. 

And the beat goes on.


Shawn Michaels
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