Funk's Corner

January 15 to 20

Asian Invasion

New Japan Pro-wrestling President Tatsumi Fujinami, Dory Funk Jr. and Adam Windsor order sushi in Tokyo.

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A plethora of Wrestling talent and media will gather at the Funking Conservatory
for our !BANG! television tapings on Saturday January the 19th.

Terry Funk will make his first ever appearance giving a seminar on HareCore
Professional wrestling. He will also make an appearance on our !BANG! Television
TV taping.

Osamu Nishimura of New Japan Pro-wrestling will be on out !BANG! television show
defending his Funking Conservatory U. S. Championship belt. Nishimura and his
partner Tatsumi Fujinami are considered one of the finest tag teams in the world.

Our Triple Crown Champion, Adam The Royal Stud Windsor will be defending his
Championship in a Hard Core Rules match against an opponent yet to be named.

Anne Pieffer aka - Cleopatra and Hi-Jinks will be defending her Funking Conservatory
Women's Championship in a girl's match.

The Funking Conservatory's Official Head of the referee training program, Claudia
Reiff will be there throughout the training camp as there will be wrestling matches
every day of the Funking Conservatory January training camp.

The Funking Conservatory Television Champion and Truck Driver for LCT Transportation
Bobby BoneCrusher Smith will be defending his Championship.

Smokin' Sam Henessy claims he is the one responsible for bringing Terry Funk to the
Funking Conservatory and will be there to lay claim to the Hard Core Legend.

Edward G. Ecstasy will be there to excite all the girls.

The Media will be heavily represented as TV-20, the ABC affiliate out of Gainesville,
Florida will be in camp that weed to do a special report on the Funking Conservatory.

We have received word that Keiji of the Japanese press is flying in from New York
to cover the !BANG! television tapings.

JImmy Suzuki has also informed us he will be in the Funking Conservatory representing
the Japanese Press.

Bill Otten from Orlando Florida will be in the training camp and at our !BANG! television
tapings doing photography representing Rampage Magazine here in America.

We have been notified that the following Funking Conservatory stars will be in the
January Funking Conservatory:

Also appearing will be Sampson, Hate Breeder, Jeff Rattell, Joseph Phillips, Thomas
Jones III, Ox Wesner, Robert Kaye Jr., Stephanie L. Smith and many more.

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