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Rico Constantino

You've Come a Long Way Baby

Rico Constantino

Jim Ross called it the biggest moment in the career of Rico Constantino.
Last night on Raw was a proud moment for me too.

Some of our students (Adam Windsor, Chuck Reid, Liam Stevenson, Alex Breslin and our
Head Referee, Claudia Reiff) had gathered at the Funking Conservatory Office to watch Raw.

Rico Constantino beat Ric Flair.
(What a champion Ric Flair is)

Following is my coach's report sent from the Funking Dojo to the WWF (WWE)
Talent Relation's department and Vince McMahon regarding the performance of
Rico Constantino in training camp.

Dory Funk Jr.
Coach's Report
Rico Constantino
6' tall, 230 pounds Rico looks like a teenage idol. Rico's work is good but
sometimes he pushes a little hard. In the Funking Dojo, he tried a Shooting
Star Press from the top rope and landed on his head. Fortunately he also
landed on top of his opponent and broke the fall or he would have broken
his neck. (I mention this to indicate what a gutsy guy Rico is.) Rico is good
on interviews and has an appealing personality. Rico was a winning
contestant on the American Gladiators show. (I consider Rico a "Blue
Chip" prospect.

My congratulations to Rico Constantino on what must have been his
biggest moment in wrestling.

Dreams can come true.

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