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December Training Camp

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January Training Camp

The Royal Stud, Triple Crown Champion Adam Windsor         Adrienne Smith aka "Red Power"

Funking Conservatory European Champion Mark Gedge                From the Teen Program, Allison Nichols

Adam Windsor - Outstanding performance on !BANG! in a Texas Death Match against Murder One of Blackout.
The Royal Stud has become a ring general. The Death Match was a masterpiece of misdirection. Adam travels today to
Cornelia, Georgia for "Mr. Television" Bill Behren's NWA Wildside's television taping where he will Team with Onyx to
face Murder One and Cru Jones. I will be in Adam's corner and Rainman will be in Murder One's corner. "It will be

Tickets / Full Card for tonight's NWA Wildside - Christmas Chaos

"Red Power" - Red Power is a highly trained athlete with background in body building and gymnastics. Red Power's
debut match was against the highly skilled Funking Conservatory Women's Champion, Ireland's Alex Breslin. We very
nearly had a new Funking Conservatory Women's Champion. "She will go all the way," "Red Power to you."

Mark Gedge - Mark is an outstanding athlete and is our new Funking Conservatory European Champion. Mark earned
a hard fought victory against Sledge Hammer. Mark had an outstanding training camp in spite of a recently broken
metacarpal in his hand. Mark is an English Nobleman with focus. As champion, Mark will take on all comers.

Allison Nichols - Allison began in our teenage program and has progressed fast. She is also an outstanding straight A
student in high school and because of her exceptional grades was given permission to come to the December training
camp. In a single match, Allison also gave our champion, Alex Breslin a strong challenge. Allison is a "Blue Chipper."

Coming soon, Coach's Reports on:
Sledge Hammer
B. J. Jergins  (Nick Acquilano)
Synn (Brian Miller)
Vinnie Pileggi
The Claw
Matt Sells
Johnny Heartbreaker
Women's Champion, Alex Breslin
!BANG! Television Champion, Carley Colon

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January Training Camp