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The December Funking Conservatory was extremely talented. Here is part II of our coach's
report on the December Funking Conservatory. Come January, we have even more exciting
news as both WWE and New Japan Pro-wrestling will be represented by Dr. Tom Prichard
and Osamu Nishimura respectively. One more time we will !BANG! the house down.

Special Information
WWE and New Japan Pro-wrestling
represented at the January edition of
The Funking Conservatory

All business in the ring - The Claw
Our referee here at the Funking Conservatory is a trained official from the University of
Miami. Her degree is in Physical Education. Not only is she one of the finest officials in
wrestling, She is an excellent trainer and can tape an ankle or knee when necessary. Our
matches and our wrestlers are in good hands with "The Claw." She is the Law.

Alex Breslin travels all the way from Ireland to the Funking Conservatory

Alex Breslin - She is our Women's Champion and does a great job of it. Alex is a heel and
knows how to get the heat. Alex is very strong and takes the bumps necessary for a good
heel. She is "The Irish Siren" and exhibits the quick temper of the Irish. She is in shape.

Johnny Heartbreaker - Already being watched closely by WWE

At first you might think Johnny Heartbreaker is a face, but watch him perform and listen to
him talk on TV and you know he is the young and fast coming of a new performer in the
style of Ric Flair. Johnny has good size, working skill and the desire to succeed.

Vinnie Piliggi - Goes from football to wrestling.

Vinnie is a skilled athlete coming to wrestling from football where he played corner back.
He is in shape and in one week brought himself to an outstanding match on !BANG! with
no previous training for professional wrestling. Vinnie has the athletic skill for pro-wrestling.

B. J. Jerkins - Master of the "Jerk Around"

Matt Sells - And he does.

Matt is far advanced for his age and has an understanding of what pro-wrestling is all about
and is far advanced in the entertainment aspect of what the wrestling fans are looking for.
Matt comes from our Teen Program. Because of his advanced skill he is with our older group.

Synn - Outstanding Heel

Synn like his name is a heel all the way. He is one of those guys who is quiet until the
TV camera is on. Synn is hot on camera. Synn is tall, over six feet and young at 18
years old. With a little weight gain Synn will be a great performer. He is all bad.

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Special Information
WWE and New Japan Pro-wrestling
represented at the January edition of
The Funking Conservatory