!BANG! TV Results

!BANG! TV Results from 3/1/13 - "Cold War"
Women's Championship Match
Hollywood Heather (Champion) vs Jessica "Power-House" Hill
Corner Person - Paulette Carter - Corner Person Claudia "The Claw" Reiff
Special Referee - Pacific Wrestling Federation President - Dory Funk Jr.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum Hector Taino Alicea and Noah Mayser
Shane Chung, Moose McNamara, Paul Peart & Ryan The Rogue Passmore
Hector Taino Alicea wins over Ryan The Rogue Passmore

World Championship Match
Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore vs England's Paul Peart
Celebrity Guest Referee - Noah Mayser

Florida Championship Match
Hector "Taino" Alicea (Champion) vs Moose McNamara


Results from January 31, "Genesis"
World Title Match
Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore (Champion) vs Shane Chung
(Watch 6 Man Tag Team - Shane Chung wins over Ryan Passmore)

3-Way Dance Premium !BANG! TV Championship
England's Paul Peart vs Moose McNamara vs Hector "Taino" Alicea

Women's Title Match
Hollywood Heather (Champion) vs Jessica "Power-House" Hill
Watch Hollywood  vs Power-House Hill from NWA Anarchy

Australian Rules 8-Man Tag Team
Dory Funk, Johnny Magnum, Shane Chung & Noah Mayser
Ryan Passmore, Moose McNamara, Taino & Paul Peart


!BANG! TV Taping - Tuesday December 31st, 2013      
Support Your Troops 99 "Hell's Bells"


Womanfs Title Match
Referee Claudia gthe Clawh Reiff
Jessica gPower-Househ Hill (Champion) vs Hollywood Heather

Rex gThe Bruth Passmore vs Ryan gThe Rogueh Passmore

Florida Title Match
Shane Chung vs. Hector gTainoh Alicea

European Championship Match
Moose McNamara vs. Bulldog Bryson Michaels

10-Person Inter-Gender Tag Team Match
Dory Funk Jr. (With Noah Mayser)
Sean Waltman
Johnny Magnum
Bulldog Bryson Michaels
Jessica gPower-Househ Hill
Shane Chung
Hector gTainoh Alicea
Moose McNamara
Ryan "The Rogue" Passmore (With Rex Passmore)
Hollywood Heather