NWA Sanctions 
Dory Funk Jr. vs Jeff Jarrett as Title Match

Press Release by NWA President Bill Behrens

The wrestling match between Dory Funk Jr. and Jeff Jarrett is sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance as a match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The match will take place on Sunday January 25th in Ocala, Florida at the Dory Funk Arena. This match has the approval of all members of the National Wrestling Alliance. The winner of the match will carry the title, NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Final clearance for sanctioning was approved by Florida NWA members, Kevin Rhodes and Joe Price. 

News of the NWA Sanction of this match is receiving world wide attention as it was simotaneously released in Japan by the largest sports newspaper in in the country, Nikkan Sports. 

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Following is a translation of the press release by the national newspaper, Nikkan Sports in Japan.

61-year-old former NWA World Heavyweight champion, Dory Funk, Jr., will challenge the current  champion Jeff Jarrett (36) in Ocala, Florida on January 25 (Jan 26/Japan time).

Dory, who trains young wrestlers at his Ocala-based Funking Conservatory and promotes wrestling shows.  He will try his best spirit to be the unprecedented 61-year-old world champion.

Translation by Masanori Horie

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