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Coach's Report

Chuck Reid Working for FMW

Chuck Reid six feet tall and a well proportioned 250 pounds

Chuck Reid traveled all the way from Tokyo Japan to the Funking Conservatory with a goal and a plan. He had some experience,
training in in Japan for Big Japan Pro-wrestling with "Young Boy" status. This gave Chuck time around the wrestling business
and a knowledge of what Pro-wrestling is about, however his status had only taken him into cardio, weight training, and calisthenics.
That is the way for young wrestlers in Japan.

Chuck wanted to take it to another level fast and came to the Funking Conservatory for two weeks of intense personal training
followed by a week in the Funking Conservatory culminating with performance on our !BANG! television show. In Chuck's case,
it was a wrestling cram course in ring performance and performing on television.

Chuck was able to impress officials from I.W.A. Japan. They offered him a contract and Chuck is considering his options while
working for I.W.A. Japan. Chuck currently is unbeaten in four matches.

We are proud of Chuck's success here at the Funking Conservatory.

A comment from Chuck Reid,
"Thanks for all of your support, I would have never made it this far without you, and the Funking Conservatory."

Special Announcement
Get Some Attitude
Put the  Back in the WWE

The Funking Conservatory Will Travel
to Raw and Smackdown

Wrestlers participating  in The Christmas Funking Conservatory,  December 15 through 22
will have the opportunity to travel  from Ocala, Florida to Raw December 16
in Orlando, Florida and Smackdown December 17 in Tampa, Florida.

For more information on the Christmas Funking Conservatory you can call - 352-854-8855

      "All Aboard"

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NWA Wildside's Murder One and The Funking Conservatory's
Adam Windsor will headline the !BANG! television tapings at
the conclusion of the Special December training camp December

Texas Death Match

 Windsor vs Murder One
Falls don't count, There could be one or a hundred.
There will be a thirty second rest between falls.
No stopping the match because of blood.
No count out side of the ring.
No disqualification.
The match continues until one man is unable to answer the bell.
There must be a winner.
Only choking and eye gouging are illegal.

Six Girls will also be on the card:
Missy Hyatt
Allison Nichols
Alex Breslin
The Claw who is "The Law."

If you are interested in attending the show
or the training camp:
Tel - 352-895-4658
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