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"The Sniper"

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The audience to appeal to is that which will yield the highest ratings.
"Living on the edge."

O.J. Simpson, 9-11, War on television, live and in color, The Sniper,
Caniblaizm in the Top Rated Movie, Kane and Neckrophellia.

As I write, Larry King says "Tomorrow we will devote the full hour
to "The Sniper." At any time throughout the day, switching the channel
between three stations will satisfy my curiosity of the horror caused
by The Sniper.

In wrestling, we have control. Living on the edge, pushing to the limit,
It can be dangerous because living on the edge is very near falling off
the cliff.

In 1968, J.C. Dyckes came to the Amarillo Territory. In a match on
television his Masked Infernos (Frankie Cain and Rocky Smith) against
Dick Murdoch and Billy Garrett, The Club Footed Inferno, (Rocky Smith)
Loaded his boot and kicked Billy Garrett between the eyes, splitting
him wide open and He bled like a stuck pig. There was blood everywhere.
The television cameras naturally kept rolling, up close and in color.  We
capitalized on it and played the tape throughout the territory.

The risk at that time was that the graphic violence could have caused
us to lose our television and our whole business. We were aware of
the risk.

J.C. Dyckes and his Infernos popped the territory.

(At the same time our Western States Champion was current WWE
executive, Pat Patterson working as Lord Patrick Patterson and giving
the fans excellent wrestling matches)

To quote Jim Barnett sometimes a territory needs "Shock Effect."

With the "Kane is a Murderer" story line, WWE has administered the
"Shock Effect." It certainly is "Living on the Edge." Vince McMahon
is adept at and used to "Living on the Edge." The risk is turning
off the viewers. On the other hand it could "Pop the Territory."

You, the wrestling fan will decide.

Dory Funk Jr.

At 7:00am on CNN Join Paula Zaun with coverage of "The Sniper."

"Ratings my boy, Ratings."

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