Press Release

From the Funking Conservatory

Funking Conservatory Web Site is Number One

Alexa Web Site Ranking Service has ranked The Official Home Page of Dory Funk Jr. as the number one wrestling school web site on the internet. "Hard work has truly paid off for our team and the team themselves are proud of the accomplishment" said Dory Funk Jr. Dory also continued "My thanks to all who have made the Funking Conservatory the best wrestling school in the world. Special thanks goes to Marti Funk, producer of !BANG! TV,  to Adam Windsor, our only trainer qualified to teach wrestling beside myself, also Adam is the Funking Conservatory World  Champion. Thanks to our Women's Champion, The Claw. (Claudia Rieff) 
Thanks to our ring announcer, Christy Kain. Our special  thanks to Johnny Langley, producer of Throw Down TV in Orlando and most important our Biggest and most special thanks to all of my students and alumni who have and are currently participating in the training program. They have set the pace for others to follow in WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA, World Wrestling Council, All Japan Pro-wrestling,  Noah and other major companies and indy promotions."

In August of this year the Funking Conservatory will have been in business for five years. Dory said, "The thrill of seeing our students have success in wrestling  has been very rewarding. "Dory also said the team of !BANG! TV and the Funking Conservatory want to thank our wrestling fans who follow !BANG! on Fox 51 in the Ocala area and Throw Down on Bright House Network in the Orlando area. Thanks also to the production staff who have worked so hard here at the Funking Conservatory and our !BANG! TV tapings."


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