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Two Funking Conservatory alumni have been selected by WWE for tryouts in England Saturday December 17th. Chris Raaber and Erich Schwartz are featured on WWE's web site with interviews. We are pleased that two of the three selected so far were from the Funking Conservatory

Saturday, Dec. 17 - Daytona Beach, FL (Application cut-off date 12/2/05)

Wednesday, Dec. 28 - Pittsburgh, PA (Application cut-off date 12/16/05)

Thursday, Dec. 29 - Buffalo, NY (Application cut-off date 12/16/05)

Saturday, Feb. 18 - Nassau, NY (Application cut-off date 2/03/06)

If you are really serious about trying out for WWE you need to apply properly and supply photos and a video tape / dvd. You need to be prepared mentally, physically and have some idea what will be expected of you.

Here at the Funking Conservatory we are offering a WWE  Tryout Preparatory course. We will make your wrestling Video / DVD (Showing your performance at it's best) and shoot proper photos to submit with your application.

If you are considering trying out for WWE in Daytona, Pittsburgh, Buffalo or Nassau NY. Call Now! 352-895-4658 and ask about our WWE Tryout preparatory pro-wrestling course. You can also contact us by e-mail at
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What moves will you be expected to perform? Who will you meet and how should you introduce yourself? What should you wear? What are the pet peeves of Vince McMahon? How can you present yourself at your very best? Is you ring work at the proper level to tryout? Do you need to practice before putting it all on the line? This could be your big opportunity. Our best wishes for success to Chris Raaber and Erich Schwartz.

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