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!BANG! TV Producer, Marti Funk

Femme Fatalles 2
Deception on the !BANG! TV Sound Stage

4-Girl Tag Team Match - The Claw and Sar-Ah vs The Wasilla Wrecking Crew 

 Femme Fatales Clash at the Funking Conservatory


Funking Conservatory Women's Champion, "The Claw" Claudia Reiff

Watch for "Studio Sa-Rah" Coming Soon on !BANG! TV

The Wasilla Wrecker Rachael Moore


Cassie Crush

Mickie James


From !BANG! TV, Gail Kim vs The Claw - Funking Conservatory Championship



The Wasilla Alaska Wrecker, Rachael Moore


Awesome Kong

Melissa Coates

Lexie Fyfe - Congratulations  to Lexie and her husband, Lexie will bring a new life into the world soon

Lexie Fyfe playing the part of Hillary Clinton



+Watch The Claw vs Lexie Fyfe on !BANG! TV