In Funk's Corner

WCW - Slamboree 93

Dory Funk Jr. vs Nick Bockwinkel





Gene Kiniski was my manager in the legends match against Nick Bockwinkel. As we walked into the ring at the Omni, Gene had his arm around my shoulder, Kiniski was giving me advice for the match with Bockwinkel. As we came to the center of the ring, He stopped, looked at me and said, "Look up, Your father is up there looking at us now. Do you see Nick Bockwinkel over there?" "Give'em hell Kid."

I asked John Valentine just how he would approach the match against Nick Bockwinkel at the 1993 Slamboree show. Big John said, "Drive him face forward into the mat and lock a front face lock on him and don't turn loose." I knew the style well as on several occasions as world champion I had faced John Valentine in the Sam Houston Coliseum and Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto.

Verne Gagne was in Nick Bockwinkel's corner. I had faced Verne in my first year in the wrestling business wrestling him to a one hour draw in Amarillo, Texas for the AWA World Championship.


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