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A Family Full of Love

Helen and Stu Hart, parents of Owen Hart

Owen Hart at the age of five         Dory and Owen's father, Stu Hart

"Dory, This is Owen." I shook hands and said hello to this five year old sandy haired kid. "Hi Owen, how are you doing?"  I was the invited guest at the Hart house for dinner.  There were hart Kids everywhere and remembering their names was nearly impossible at the time.  Owen was the youngest. His eleven brothers and sisters cared that Owen not be left out or forgotten. Time and again one of the Hart kids would come up to me and say again, "This is Owen."  I swear I met Owen ten times that day.  Every time, Owen would quietly shake my hand and acknowledge meeting me again.  Even at the age of five in must have been a struggle for recognition for the youngest of twelve Hart kids.

I will never forget the love shared in this family.  The Rock hard handshake of Stu, the tender gentleness of his wife Helen and the outright closeness and warmth of each of the kids.  Smith, Wayne, Ellie, Diane, Ross, Dean, Bruce, Bret, Georgia, Ellison, Kieth, and Owen.  Each summer for the next five years I spent a week at the Calgary Stampede with this beautiful loving family.  Every year when my tour was over I would ask them to come to Texas and visit some time.

Owen hart and his brother Dean

The kids accepted the invitation and the first to come one summer were Bret, Dean, and Bruce.  They would come late in the summer and I would find free time to take them water skiing, horseback riding, visiting the sights and for sure to travel with me on the Amarillo Territory wrestling circuit.  What ever his achievements and they have far exceeded all expectations I still reserve credit for teaching Bret Hart the art of Water Skiing.

These summer trips became something we all looked forward to. Diane, Smith, and Owen later joined the members ot the Hart kids that made the 1500 mile trip by car to visit me in Texas.  It was always a great time and always so difficult to part when they would leave for Calgary.

I became very close to the family.  When they lost Dean years ago, it hurt like I had lost one of my own children.  Two years ago this family suffered the loss of one of forty five grandchildren, Matt Annis.  I have some idea of the hurt of Stu and Helen Hart as when I lost my father, Dory Funk Sr. his father was still living.

Owen loved the wrestling business.  He began by writing the program in Calgary for Stampede Wrestling at about the age of eight.  When he broke in to wrestling he was not a big man and made up for his size with great performance skills and wrestling ability.  Owen is one of only a handful of present day wrestlers that I would classify as a natural worker, or ring general.

Owen was a family man, even objecting to story line suggestions that he play the part of anything but a family man in his character portrayed on WWF television.

Helen Hart, mother of 12 children jokes around with Stu Hart. Wayne and Bruce in the background.

Marti and I thank the Hart family for all the good times and love we have shared. We pray for Owen, Dean, and Matt Annis.

We would like to express our special heartfelt feelings for Owen's wife Martha and their two children who will grow up with the memory of a great father who really cared for them.

Dory Funk Jr.

The names we know from left to right
Marti Funk, Dory Funk, Ellison Hart, Brian Blair, Hulk Hogan, Bruce Hart, Stu Hart, Dianne Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Chris Benoit, Chris Jerico, Nancy Sullivan, Jerry Lynn, Shane Douglass, Bret Hart, Terry Funk

Owen, Dory and The Rock

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