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Who is The Texas Outlaw?

Proof of Identity

Note the position of the hands.
Texas Outlaw on the left and Dory Funk Sr. on the right

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Our family was was spending the summer in Canada and my father, Dory Sr. was wrestling
for Promoter, Larry Kazaboski in the North Bay, Ontario Canada territory. (Wrestling in
North Bay was Herb Parks, Mad Dog Vachon, Marco Polo, Don, "The One Man Gang"
Evans, Bill Parks and Frankie Hart. I remember the Referee, referee was Joe, "Gasbag"

My father  received news that Dory Detton was going to sell the Amarillo Territory. The year
was 1953. Dad had always dreamed of moving up from wrestling to promoting a territory.

We left North Bay by car driving to Amarillo, a good three day trip.

Upon arriving in Amarillo, Dory Funk Sr. learned that Doc Sarpolis (Wrestling Promoter from
Houston and trained under Ed McLemore) had moved in and bought the territory from Detton.
The price in those days, a hefty $75,000.

Doc owned the territory and Dory Funk was left out in the cold as far as promoting was concerned.

Dory Sr. worked the territory for a short time as a wrestler, only to re-establish himself as the top
drawing card, Then he left.

This is the time he spent in the Vancouver Territory working as the Texas Outlaw. (In the
territory, Gene Kiniski, Nelson Royal, The Viking, Eric Frolech, Buddy Rogers, Promoter,
Rod Fenton)

Keeping a family in Amarillo and working in Vancouver with weekly flights back and forth, also
took its toll on our family. Terry and I had a father for about one day a week and a tired one at that.

Business was slow in the Amarillo Territory, Vancouver was hot and the Texas Outlaw was the top
heel. Doc Sarpolis called Dory Funk Sr. and offered him a deal he could not refuse to return to
Amarillo, Partnership in the Amarillo Territory.

And now you know, The identity of the "Texas Outlaw."

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