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New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura

WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard

First Lady of Wrestling Missy Hyatt
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Adam Windsor vs Osamu Nishimura (Voted best technical wrestler in Japan)

On February 16 in Tokyo Japan at Sumo Hall, we wish Osamu Nishimura safety and
good luck in the main event as he challenges Yuji Nagata for the IWGP heavyweight

Osamu Nishimura
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 232lbs
Date of Birth: 9/23/71
Place of Birth: Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo

Antonio Inoki
Tatsumi Fujinami
Hiro Matsuda
Dory Funk Jr.

Signature Moves:
Cobra Twist (abdominal stretch)
Ground Cobra Twist (abdominal stretch takedown into cradle)
Octopus hold (Signature move of Antonio Inoki)
Spinning toehold (Signature move of Dory Funk JR.)

Spinning Toehold applied by Dory Funk Jr.
Listen to Music to Spinning Toe Hold

Title History:
IWGP Tag Team Title, Osamu Nishimura and Tatsumi Fujinami
    winning from Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima (9/23/01)
Funking Conservatory U.S. Heavyweight Title wining from -
    Brandon Gloom (9/29/01)

Nishimura was initated into New Japan in April, 1990. he competed on the debut show of Tatsumi Fujinami's
new part-time promotion, Muga. In May, 1997 at the Tokyo Dome on 1/4/98, teaming with Fujinami to defeat
the Bull Powers (Manabu Nakanishi & Satoshi Kojima), Nishimura pinning Kojima to complete a successful

Tragedy struck in September of that year though, when it was revealed that Osamu Nishimura had cancer. For
close to two years he fought the disease, undergoing extensive treatment, and he proved himself a survivor when
he beat the life-threatening illness.

He made his return to New Japan on 6/2/00 at Tokyo Nippon Budokan, losing to his mentor, Fujinami. He
struggled for form after returning, unable to significantly climb up the roster, despite an IWGP Tag Team Title
challenge in early 2001.

Things changed in August, 2001, though, when he competed in the G1 Climax. His fiery underdog spirit and will
to survive brought fans to their feet, as he took many of New Japan's top stars to their limit in long matches, and
scored an upset win over Kojima. Even with a negative record of one win, one draw and three losses, this was
a major breakthrough for Nishimura.

His good form continued in September, when he and Fujinami upset Tenzan & Kojima to capture the IWGP Tag
Team Title on 9/23/01, a short reign, but an important one for Nishimura, as it was his first title for New Japan

In October of 2001 in Tokyo Japan, Korakuen Hall Osamu Nishimura lost in almost thirty minutes to one of his
mentors, Dory Funk Jr.

Into 2002, he became one of New Japan's most prominent wrestlers, scoring more victories and forming a popular
tag team with Manabu Nakanishi. Perhaps the greatest match of his career at the time came on 6/5/02, when he and
Nakanishi took IWGP Tag Team Champions, Chono & Tenzan, to an epic 60 minute draw. Despite inspirational
performances all around, it was Nishimura who the fans took to most, especially after Nakanishi was forced backstage
for medical treatment, Nishimura having to fight alone, and bravely surviving until Nakanishi's return.

On July 27th, 2002 at the Funking Conservatory, Osamu Nishimura and Adam Windsor wrestled a best 2 out of 3
fall match to a one hour draw with each wrestler gaining a fall and the time limit expiring after 60 minutes of wrestling.

His most successful G1 Climax yet came in August of 2002, when he upset Nakanishi in a semi finalist decision match,
before taking Yoshihiro Takayama over 22 minutes that same night in the semi final round, going down with a fight.

Returning to the Funking Conservatory also in August, Adam Windsor and Osamu Nishimura wrestled an Iron Man
Match invented and made famous by Bret Hart. This match went three falls apiece during the mandatory one hour.

On 1/4/03 at the Tokyo Dome, he finally pinned his mentor, Fujinami, in singles competition. Nishimura is perhaps
the greatest pure technical wrestler on earth today, the antithesis of what professional wrestling has in many ways
forgotten to be. Nicknamed Mr. Muga, his amazing technique and proud Muga spirit make him one of New Japan's
most elite and unique superstars.

WWE's Dr. Tom Prichard Comes to the Funking Conservatory
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January 25th at the Funking Conservatory's !BANG! television taping, the main event will be a Triple
Crown Championship Match between Adam Windsor and Japan's "Technical Wrestler of the Year,
Osamu Nishimura.

The special attraction will be an Evening Gown Match between The First Lady of Professional Wrestling,
Missy Hyatt and the Funking Conservatory's Red Power. In the corner of Missy Hyatt will be New Japan
Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura. Special Guest Referee, so that he can get a closer look at the talent,
will be World Wrestling Entertainment's Talent Scout, Dr. Tom Prichard assisting "The Claw, Who is
"The Law."

Who will be in Red Power's Corner?

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