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Following is a story from October 3, 2001, written prior to the October 8th Tokyo Dome show
in Tokyo, Japan. Attendance at the show was 62,500 fans. Please enjoy.

Who is Osamu Nishimura?

New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Funking Conservatory

New Japan Pro-wrestling

September 29th in Ocala, Florida at the Dory Funk Arena, New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura
will wrestle as a tag team partner of Adam "The Royal Stud" Windsor. Challengers are lining up including
Brent Dail, Shane Chung, Buck Wylde, England's James Hooper, England's Niel Faith and Flying Fred Curry.

The card at the Funking Conservatory will be our most international yet with wrestlers from America, Japan,
England, Canada and Mexico.

                                                    Nishimura                         Osamu

Dory Funk, New Japan's Osamu Nishimura and Adam, "The Royal Stud" Windsor

Muga - Means selflessness
On October 7th in Tokyo's Korakuen Hall, Japan's Muga Promotion will feature two matches.
Dory Funk Jr. will return to Japan to face Osamu Nishimura and New Japan Pro-wrestling
President, Tatsumi Fujinami will fase Bob Backlund. Muga Promotion is Fujinami and Nishimura's
group. Their style is traditional wrestling.

Fujinami is one of the very best in Japan having held the Great Antonio Inoki to a sixty minute
draw in a famous match in Japan. Osamu Nishimura is the protégé of the Great Hiro Matsuda
and outstanding proponent of traditional wrestling style in Japan. Marti will be traveling with me
to Japan as a working videographer/photographer. Adam "The Royal Stud Windsor" will be
traveling to Japan for introduction as the next American Superstar in Japan.

                                                                                       Fujinami                            Tatsumi

On October the 8th in the Tokyo Dome, New Japan Pro Wrestling will celebrate fifty years of pro-
wrestling in Japan. Professional wrestling was first brought to Japan by the late Riki Dozan in 1951.
On the Tokyo Dome card, I will be making a rare appearance as a tag team partner of my brother,
Terry Funk. We will be taking on legendary competition in Tatsumi Fujinami and Bob Backlund.
70,000 thousand wrestling fans are expected to fill the "Egg Dome."

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome

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