Learning Japanese Is Easy

Professor Dory Funk Jr.

What are all those strange figures???

The Japanese language is made up of pictographs called Kanjis among other things.

Slow  way down and learn the first one and then go to the next. It will make sense.

Person, man, woman - pronounced hito, nin, or  jin Drawing of a stick person

Tree - Pronounced - moku or ki.Drawing of a tree

A tree with a root meaning origin - pronounced moto or hon Drawing of a tree with roots

A pictograph of the sun, meaning day - Pronounced nichi, hi, bi, or ni formerly a circle, changed for convienence

Sun and origin in combination - Pronounced Ni hon meaning Japan, origin of the sun. (Land of the rising sun)
Note, Japan and Japanese are reffered to as Nippon or Nihon. Japan is a western name for the country.

Japanese Person - Pronounced, Ni hon Jin
Note, Three kanjis in combination

Language, talk, speak, Pronounced - go or kata
Note, This is a combination Kanji combining on the left to speak and on the right five and mouth.

Japanese language pronounced - Nihongo

Learning Japanese can be fun. It is like a continuing puzzle with no end.

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