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Rock N' Roll Express to Invade the Dory Funk Arena
Mid Atlantic Legends Reunion is a Huge Success

From Marti and Myself a big thanks to Greg Price, promoter of the Mid-Atlantic Legends Reunion in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a thrill to see old friends and the best of all was meeting and talking with the wrestling fans that made Mid-Atlantic wrestling one of the best territories in America. I was surprised in speaking with the fans to find how many traveled long distances by car and plane to attend the event. The Mid Atlantic Territory was blessed with great talent. It was also blessed with some of the greatest fans in wrestling. I want to let them know how much we appreciate them for traveling to the event and for the support during the days of the Mid-Atlantic Territory.

We have just confirmed that the Rock 'N Roll Express will invade the Dory Funk Arena on Sunday February 22nd. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson will appear against an opponent yet to be named. As this story develops, more information will be released.

Sunday February 22nd wrestling returns to the Dory Funk Arena.
Dory Funk Jr. vs New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura
Adam Windsor vs Li'l Wahoo McDaniel
Rock 'N Roll Express vs Opponent to be named. 

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