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NWA World Title Match Funk vs Jarrett Airs Sunday February 22

The NWA World Title Match will air on Fox 51 Sunday February 22nd at 12:00 noon in Ocala, Florida on WOGX, Fox 51 in Central Florida. Continuing coverage of the Funk / Jarrett match came out in this morning's Lady Lake Daily Sun newspaper. 

Funk is the champion to the fans


OCALA — Most people, when they reach a certain age, retire from the hectic lives they have led and settle into a quiet routine of relaxation and easy times. However, 61-year-old wrestling icon Dory Funk Jr. refuses to even entertain that thought.“Wrestling is my passion, it’s my life,” Funk said. “Without it, there is no Dory Funk.” It is that enthusiasm that allows Funk’s body to keep up with his soul. He still works out every other day, doing moderate cardiovascular workouts and light weight training to keep his body in tip-top shape. 

Funk can still bench press upwards of 300 pounds, but said he doesn’t work out to press his body to the limit, just to stay healthy. Wrestlers’ bodies, by nature, take more punishment than the average person, so staying in good shape is extremely important. 

Funk, who trains up-and-coming wrestling hopefuls at his Funking Conservatory School in Ocala, knows all about the injuries. 

Dory Funk With the Mid Atlantic Championship Belt

“I tend to workout the muscles which are more prone to wrestling injuries, like the neck, chest, shoulders, and especially my quadriceps,” he said. All of his hard work and training came in handy when Funk came out of retirement Sunday night to wrestle Jeff Jarrett, the National Wrestling Alliance’s Heavyweight Champion. On that night, Funk made a historic attempt to regain the NWA Championship, a title that he held more than 30 years ago. Funk was defeated by Jarrett, but his attempt made a huge impression on the local fans who came to Skate Mania in Ocala to cheer for their hero. Funk kept up
with Jarrett right up until the end, showing that age doesn’t matter when you are a true champion. Once the two grapplers began the match, the advantage was mostly on Funk’s side, as he took Jarrett down with wrestling hold after wrestling hold. Jarrett made a few successful attempts at offense, but the ring veteran wouldn’t give him an inch. 

In the end, it took outside interference from Funk’s former friend and protege, “The Royal Stud” Adam Windsor, for Jarrett to score the victory. “When you are champion, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to leave with the gold.” Jarrett said after the match. “Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.” Meanwhile, a defeated but not dejected Funk sat in his
dressing room, reflecting on the events of the evening. 

“Another 30 minutes of uninterrupted wrestling and I would have had him,” Funk said. “It’s just like Jarrett.  It’s the only way he would have held on to that title, so frankly, I am not surprised it happened that way.” Although Funk lost his match, he gained the respect and admiration of fans young and old. And, between running his wrestling school and producing his !Bang! wrestling shows, it looks like Funk has many years of wrestling still left in him.

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Sunday January 22 professional wrestling comes to the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida. 
New Japan Pro-wrestling will be scouting wrestling talent as - 

Dory Funk Jr. will face New Japan Pro-wrestling's Osamu Nishimura
In an Indian Strap Match, Adam Windsor will face Li'l Wahoo McDaniel
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Saturday, January 31, and Sunday February 1, Dory Funk Jr. will be appearing at the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Legends Convention and Fanfest.