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Bob Ryder on the NWA World Title Match - Funk vs Jarrett

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I've been talking about it for a few weeks now, but the match between Dory Funk Jr and Jeff Jarrett will take place this Sunday in Ocala FL. Funk warmed up for this match by beating his protege Adam Windsor this past weekend to win the NWA CWFL North Florida Heavyweight Title. Funk will be challenging Jarrett this Sunday for the NWA World Heavyweight Title almost 35 years after first winning the title in 1969. I'll be in attendance for this match and I'm really looking forward to watching Dory go for the title one more time. He'll go down in history as one of the all time greats, and it will be interesting to watch the contrast in styles as the old pro goes up against the NWA World Heavyweight Champion of today.

In the days when Dory Funk Jr held the title, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship was the biggest prize in the wrestling business. It's something every wrestler dreamed of winning. Holding the title meant big money, and meant living the lifestyle of a champion. It also meant working an almost unbearable schedule with matches virtually every day of the year taking place literally all over the world. 

In Dory's day when the NWA World Heavyweight Champion came to town it was something special and always guaranteed a sold out crowd. The champion would come to town in the various territories and would always be matched against the best local talent. It was a brutal schedule and often meant working with a different opponent every night. The champion would have to alter his style depending on who the local promoter would match him with, and although the title seldom changed hands in those days...the local wrestler would come out of the experience with an enhanced reputation simply because he had stepped in the ring with the champ.

This Sunday, Dory Funk Jr will be in the unfamiliar role of being the local wrestler challenging for the title. His reputation certainly doesn't need any enhancing, but the experience will be a special one for all fans lucky enough to witness the match. 

Bob Ryder 
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Also appearing on the show will be: Funking Consevatory World Champion, Adam Windsor, 7' 300pound Giant Magnum, Son of a Legend, Li'l Wahoo McDaniel, The Law, She is The Claw, NWA Florida Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Rhoads, C.B. Kool, Stacy (Akachan) Smith, Yako, Forsaken and Bret Van Miahaels..