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Little Wahoo McDaniel enters the ring at the Dory Funk Arena

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Saturday June 28th I was back stage at the Dory Funk  Arena in Ocala, Florida. I could hear Marti on the P.A. System.

"First I would like to introduce, If I can do this without crying. One of my dearest, longest term friends that I have known
forever and have the most love and respect for, Wahoo McDaniel's, wife, widow, and best friend for many years, Karen
McDaniel, her sons Nolan and Storm -" I could hear the applause take over followed by the chant, "Wahoo, Wahoo,
Wahoo, Wahoo."

So began an emotional and exciting night of pro wrestling at the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida. In the third match
on the card, Little Wahoo McDaniel made his entrance to the beat of the drums and the Siminole Indian fight song. This
was his debut match in professional wrestling. Little Wahoo McDaniel and The Royal Stud Adam Windsor faced Joey
Pink and Sledge Hammer.

Adam Windsor started the match giving Little Wahoo a moment to shake off any nervousness he might have felt. The
match featured hard chops by the Royal Stud and Little Wahoo with the fans yelling whoooo (out of respect for Ric Flair
and Chief Wahoo McDaniel) every time one landed. Before the match was over, Little Wahoo had to prove himself as a
wrestler and that he could take the punishment. He also performed the Indian War Dance made famous by his father. In
the end, Adam Windsor hit a DDT on Joey Pink and Sledge Hammer and Little Wahoo with an Indian War Cry came
off the top rope with a flying Tomahawk Chop to the head of Joey Pink
and covered for the win.

Little Wahoo McDaniel is only 15 years old. He is following in the very famous footsteps of his father Chief Wahoo
McDaniel. At the Dory Funk Arena, Little Wahoo was an emotional favorite of the fans. His debut match was a success.

Later in the show, Little Wahoo accepted the Funking Conservatory Fighting Heart award from Dory Funk Jr. and Adam
Windsor, posthumously along with his mother and two brothers for his father, Chief Wahoo McDaniel. They were rudely
interrupted by the littlest heel in the wrestling business, 15 year old Vin Detta who informed the fans that he thought Little
Wahoo sucked. He then went on to say that The Royal Stud sucked and then said that all the fans in the Dory Funk
Arena sucked. Vin Detta then informed Adam Windsor that he should just give him the Funking Conservatory World
Championship Belt. Little Wahoo drew back with a chop ready for Vin Detta and Vin Detta beat a hasty retreat then
flicked them all off.

It was a big night and a lot of pressure for fifteen year old Little Wahoo McDaniel and some will say he was given
preferential treatment to be in that position with only one week of training at the Funking Conservatory. Some will be jealous
of his success, saying it was only because of his famous father. Yes, that can be said, because  His Father did  earn the right
during his lifetime to have his son carry his name for him into the next millennium and have a chance for  his son to fight for his
life in the profession of pro wrestling.

For those Fans in attendance for his debut match, at the Funking Conservatory,
they will say "Little Wahoo"  did one hell of a job and proved to be his Father's Son.
Here at the Funking Conservatory, myself , Marti, Adam and the Claw and our
!BANG! Heavyweight Champions are proud to be part of Little Wahoo McDaniel's
training as he prepares to follow in the footsteps of a very famous man.

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Vin Detta