September, 2002          Issue 15
Sign Guy, Editor In Chief
Royal Stud Productions, Publisher

     Hello all and welcome to the latest issue of the !BANG! Newsletter. On September 28 at the Dory Funk Arena, the !BANG! TV taping titled "Foot Stompin' Fall" will be taking place. The main event will be the FC Triple Crown Champion The Royal Stud Adam Windsor teaming up with FC United States Champion Osamu Nishimura of New Japan Pro Wrestling to take on the most annoying man in the Funking Conservatory, Heater, and his hired tag team partner from Japan, American born Chuck Reid. As always, any comments and suggestions for this newsletter are welcome at SignGuyJ@excite.com. I can be reached at the same address.

     On behalf of the Funking Conservatory and the !BANG! Newsletter, I would like to welcome Dr. Tom Prichard of WWE Talent Relations. Dr. Prichard will be here to scout out the Conservatory talent. We are very honored to have you here and we hope you enjoy your stay and our wrestling show.

 A word from the Editor
     I would like to start off by saying Thank You to everyone who attended our last show "Living On The Edge". That show marked the three year anniversary of the Funking Conservatory and the three year anniversary of Adam Windsor's career as a professional wrestler. That day was also Fan Appreciation Day which was a complete success. All of us wish to thank the fans for coming out to join us for the festivities and a special Thank You to Fumi Saito and his group of tourists from Japan for joining us.

   !BANG! TV
     !BANG! airs on Thursdays at 5 PM on Cox Cable Channel 8 in Gainesville and Channel 16 in Ocala. Join your hosts Dory Funk Jr. and the Royal Stud Adam Windsor along with Heater and other special guests as they bring you 30 minutes of the best wrestling action you have ever seen.

     The Funking Conservatory would like to thank all the sponsors who have helped out and contributed over the last three years. Thank you for everything.

Funking Conservatory Champions
This is an updated and current list of champions in the Funking Conservatory.

Triple Crown Champion (World, Florida, International) - Adam Windsor
United States Champion - Osamu Nishimura
European Champion - Neil Faith
!BANG! TV Champion - Ru Star
Women's Champion - Vanesa Harding
Tag Team Champions - The Lost Boyz
Hardcore Champion - Heater

Letters to the Editor
Dear Sign Guy,
     I was at the last !BANG! taping and saw you interviewing that Don King looking wrestler called Mad Doctor. What does he Specialize in?

Gloria from Ocala, FL

Dear Gloria,
     Thanks for writing. I asked the Mad Doctor what his specialty was even though he had on rubber gloves and used a creepy giggle. All I can say is that he mentioned things that I cannot print in this newsletter.

Dear Sign Guy,
     I was very happy to hear that the WHOA MAN'S Championship is now once again the WOMEN'S Championship and that Heater lost to a woman. Who is she and is she single?
                                                                                         Albert from Sedona, AZ
Dear Albert,
     I appreciate you writing in. Vanesa Harding, the American Hardbody, is the new FC  Women's Champion and she defeated Heater for the title at our last TV taping "Living On The Edge". As far as I know she is single. Speaking of Heater, he bounced back later that same evening to win the FC Hardcore Championship.

Dear Sign Guy,
     I was not able to make it to Florida for the last TV taping due to an illness in my family. I heard that there was some cute hottie who came to the ring to the theme of Superman. What was his name?
                                                                                          Molly from Seattle, WA
Dear Molly,
     Thanks for taking the time to write in. The wrestler you have heard about is named Ru Star and he became !BANG! TV Champion at our last TV taping.

Dear Sign Guy,
     I heard that Cleopatra was coming back. Where has she been?
                                                                      Jonathan from Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Jonathan,
     Thank you for the letter. Cleopatra has been competing all over the United States and has also been competing in Europe as well. Most recently Cleopatra was in Germany working with FC alumni Chris The Bambi Killer and FC European Champion Neil Faith.

     Any questions for myself or any of the stars of the Funking Conservatory may be sent to me at SignGuyJ@excite.com.

Returning Stars
     Along with our regulars Adam Windsor, Chief Referee Claudia "The Claw" Reiff, Heater, and the Living Legend Dory Funk Jr., returning to this month's camp will be FC United States Champion Osamu Nishimura from New Japan Pro Wrestling, FC Women's Champion Vanesa Harding, !BANG! TV Champion Ru Star, The U.K. Kid, and Ox. We also extend a very special welcome back to The Temptress (no longer the Living Dead Girl) Cleopatra.

New Stars
     The Funking Conservatory is proud to welcome its newcomers making their first trip to Ocala for !BANG!. They are Chuck Reid, Alex Breslin the Irish Siren, Aric Dylan, and Electro. Welcome to all of you.

Exclusive Interview: Adam Windsor
     This interview was conducted with Adam for Power Pro Wrestling Magazine in England. In the interview, we discussed Adam's background, why he wanted to become a wrestler, how he met Dory, where he want's to go, and other topics.

Sign Guy: Adam, let me start off by asking your age?

Adam Windsor: I am 20 years old.

SG: What part of England are you from?

AW: I am from Coventry which is right around the center of England about 90 minutes outside of London.

SG: You have a big family?

AW: You could say I have a big family but it's more of an extensive family being a Windsor family.

SG: How old were you when you got your first look at professional wrestling?

AW: I would have to say maybe 2 or 3 months old. My mother told me that she used to watch wrestling when she was pregnant with me so that's probably why I was so young when I had my first look at wrestling.

SG: Now, how old were you when you decided you wanted to get into professional wrestling?

AW: I would say around 5 or 6 years old. I would be playing with friends on the school playground pretenting to clothesline my friends or sometimes in my house breaking beds or other pieces of furniture.

SG: How did you come about meeting the legendary Dory Funk Jr.?

AW: I wrote probably a few hundred letters to the World Wrestling Federation which is now World Wrestling Entertainment. I sent letters, faxes, e-mails, you name it. At the time Dory was coach of the WWE's Funking Dojo training their wrestlers. One of the secretaries passed one of my letters on to Dory. He contacted me and we stayed in contact after that.

SG: When did you make your first trip to America to meet Dory and start your training?

AW: That was in August of 1999. I wrestled my very first match on August 28, 1999.

SG: An interesting fact about that first camp was that you trained with WWE star Lita?

AW: Yes that is very true. We were in a battle royal together and she took it upon herself to chop me during that match. We had lots of fun with that and I do have to say that Lita is one very tough athlete and it was an honor to have her in that very first training camp.

SG: How many matches would you say you have wrestled in from that first match up until now?

AW: Honestly, I will guess and say maybe up to around 800 matches.

SG: Do you remember who all was involved in your very first match?

AW: It was a tag team match and my opponents were HC Loc and Jeremy Jett. My tag team partner was Terry Sinner. I was fortunate to score the pinfall in that match.

SG: I remember being in the audience for your very first match and you came to the ring weighing in at 120 pounds. It's now three years later and you now weigh in at 235 pounds. Did the training along with the exercise and eating right help you gain what you wanted to gain?

AW: The main bulk of it was my training with Dory along with my in-ring work with him. He also put me in the gym right away and started me with working weights with my neck. It was pretty tough and Dory likes to push your head and neck around. I was pretty sore after a while but it was all worth it.

SG: Out of all the matches you have wrestled, who would you say your toughest opponent has been?

AW: The person who probably push me the hardest was my own coach, Dory Funk Jr..

SG: If I remember right, you wrestled a match against Dory one month after you won your first title, the Florida Heavyweight Championship, in July of 2000?

AW: Yes, that is correct. Dory just happened to be the first person I defended my title against. The Florida Heavyweight Championship was Dory's title which he vacated and put up in a tournament in which I defeated 3 different opponents.

SG: Do you remember who those opponents were?

AW: My first opponent in the tournament was Vito Denucci, my second opponent was Jumbo Barerra who was around 300 pounds, and in the finals I beat Chris Nelson.

SG: In the match with Dory, you won?

AW: Yes I did. I was lucky enough to score a submission victory by reversing Dory's spinning toehold into a figure four leglock. I guess on any other day it could have been a different outcome.

SG: I know you have had other tough opponents. I'll name one off and you give me your thoughts on that person. Let's start with Brent Cameron Dail.

AW: Brent Cameron Dail was a very tough opponent. He had an amateur background wrestling in high school and college. We wrestled a number of high profile matches including a 45 minute Texas Death Match for my Florida Heavyweight Championship

SG: Another name just came to my mind. This wrestler I would have to say has given you a run for your money and has really pushed you to the limit. The man I'm talking about is New Japan Pro Wrestling's Osamu Nishimura. In the last three months you have wrestled three different matches all ending in time limit draws. Those matches were a 30 minute match, a 60 minute 2 out of 3 falls match, and a 60 minute Ironman match. Your thoughts on Nishimura.

AW: Nishimura is by far other than Dory the toughest opponent I have ever faced in the ring. Neither of us has beaten the other yet, but we do have the upmost respect for each other. He is a very classy guy and a great athlete in the ring.

SG: You have had the opportunity to wrestle for other organizations. You have wrestled for WWE when they were still WWF, WCW before they closed down, New Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA Wildside, and Stampede Wrestling in Canada. Would you say you have seen tough competition in those organizations?

AW: Every place I have wrestled has been a different experience. I wrestled on 3 different WWE house shows against 3 of my Conservatory mates which were Marcus Dillon, Ricky Noble, and Paul London. My match with WCW was on one of it's last televised shows. Stampede and NWA Wildside were great organizations to work for. New Japan Pro Wrestling was probably the most fun because I joined Dory and his brother Terry Funk at ringside for their match with Bob Backlund and Tatsumi Fujinami. It was an incredible experience.

SG: I remember watching that match on !BANG! and watching you accompany the Funk brothers to the ring. I have to ask you what it was like to walk to the ring in front of over 62,000 people and what kind of rush did it give you?

AW: Obviously, Dory and Terry Funk are considered the biggest American living legends in Japan. I can't begin to describe the feeling of walking to the ring with Dory and Terry in front of that many people. It was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to do it again.

SG: For the show this month titled "Foot Stompin Fall", WWE talent scout Dr Tom Pritchard is going to be attending the show checking out various wrestlers who will be on the card that night. Most of the focus will be on you since the WWE is very interested in you and the possibilities of signing you to a deal. What do you hope Tom Pritchard sees in you when you are in the ring competing in your matches?

AW: I would like him see how I compete and entertain the fans in the arena. I love what I do in the wrestling ring and my main goal is to show all the skills I have learned and how well Dory has trained me.

SG: If you were in fact signed by the WWE and you had a chance to wrestle anyone on their talent roster, who would that one person be?

AW: I think the one person I would like to face in the ring is a man that Dory has been in the ring with and was featured on !BANG! and that's Rob Van Dam. He is one of the most talented wrestlers on the WWE roster right now and I'm sure we would have a great match together.

SG: In your own words, tell me your thoughts on two certain people who have been with you through your entire career these past three years, Dory and Marti Funk.

AW: I'll start with Marti Funk. She is probably the best photographer, videographer, agent, manager, and everything when it comes to promoting someone in the wrestling business. I can't say enough about Marti because she is the one person who makes me look good. As for Dory Funk Jr., you could not ask for a better coach or sombody with the knowledge of this business that Dory has both inside and outside of the ring. He has taught me everything I know and I have been with him pretty much 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and seen him every day for the last 3 years. If I don't see him, I'm on the telephone talking about the wrestling business. Without Dory and Marti, I don't know where I would be today and I appreciate them more than anything in the world.

SG: Is there anything else you want to add?

AW: Yes there is. The Funking Conservatory has made many stars come to life on TV such as Kurt Angle, Edge Christian, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Test, Rikishi, and of course Lita who trained with me in my very first camp. There is no better wrestling school in the whole world you can learn as much as Dory and Marti Funk provide. Dory Funk Jr certainly provides everything you need to be taught to learn in the ring. Marti Funk promotes the heck out of you. She promotes you to the world to let everyone see who you are and what you are. If you are looking to become a wrestling star, the Funking Conservatory is definitely the place to come. This is my home as well as home for other wrestling stars. I thank the Funks for endless possibilities and it's thanks to the fans that I am who I am right now.

SG: You are also taught the safe way, right?

AW: I have been taught the right way, the safe way, and the best way.

SG: With that I will say thank you, Adam, and good luck to you in your future. I would like to end this with my thoughts on Adam Windsor. I was just a face in the crowd when I first saw Adam in the ring for the very first time. Here was this young 120 pound kid flying around the ring like a cruiserweight. I could tell this kid was going to go places. I was introduced to him by Marti Funk after the matches were over and he was probably one of the most polite wrestlers I have ever met. Here we are 3 years later. I am the editor of the !BANG! Newsletter, and Adam holds 3 titles along with being close to signing a deal with the WWE. I am proud to say that Adam is not just my favorite wrestler, not just my publisher, but I'm very proud to have Adam Windsor as my FRIEND.
Dream Match
(Special Guest Referee: Sign Guy)
     This month's dream match featured FC Hardcore Champion and most annoying man in the Funking Conservatory, Heater, taking on WWE legend Hulk Hogan in the battle of Heatermania vs. Hulkamania. Heater was very upset to learn that Sign Guy, who Heater does not like, would be the special guest referee. The Claw was at ringside to keep her eye on Sign Guy. The match started off with Heater shoving Hogan to the mat after a lockup. Hogan was able to gain the advantage on Heater with a headlock, but Heater shoved Hogan into the ropes and Hogan attempted a clothesline which had no effect on Heater. Hogan looked out to the Hulkamaniacs for advice and as he turned around was clotheslined by Heater. Heater followed up with an elbow drop and went for a cover, but Hogan kicked out at two after a very slow count by Sign Guy. Heater picked up Hogan, bounced off the ropes, and gave him another clothesline. As Heater picked up Hogan again, Hogan caught Heater with two shots to the midsection followed up by a headlock, but Heater was able to counter with an armbar and tried to rip Hogan's arm out of the socket. Heater followed up with a fireman's carry back into an armbar on Hogan. Hogan wanted to quit, but Sign Guy called for the break instead. Hogan made it back to his feet but Heater whipped him into the ropes and went for a clothesline. Hogan ducked not one but two clothesline attempts and caught Heater in the midsection with a knee and took Heater down with a clothesline. Hogan signaled that he was going to end the match and then bounced off the ropes and gave Heater the big leg drop. Hogan went for a cover, but Heater luckily kicked out at two after a fast count by Sign Guy. Heater decided it was time to finish Hogan and applied his finisher, the Burning Bridges. Hogan started tapping but Sign Guy would not call for the bell. Heater released the hold and got into Sign Guy's face wondering what was going on. Hogan tried a schoolboy rollup, but Sign Guy could only manage a two count considering how fast he was counting. Heater picked up Hogan into position and applied the sleeper hold. Once Hogan was out, Heater made the cover. Sign Guy counted ONE, TWO, and gave Heater an evil stare and the finger. What Sign Guy didn't know was that the Claw had made her way into the ring. She grabbed his hand and slammed it down to the mat for THREE. The Claw then shouted, "That's three, ring the bell!!!!", tossed Sign Guy out of the ring, and raised Heater's hand in victory. Heatermania had ruled the day over Hulkamania.

Conservatory Alumni Update
     A special congratulations to Conservatory graduate Silvian "Sly" Grenier who recently received a contract offer from the WWE. Silvian attended camp in February, 2001 at the recommendation of wrestling legend Pat Patterson. Silvian wrestled his first two matches at the Conservatory and in his second match, he became the Funking Conservatory's very first International Champion.
     A big congratulations to former FC United States Champion Brandon Groom who is in contention for two titles in OCW (Oklahoma Championship Wrestling). He is the number one contender for the OCW Hardcore Championship and number two contender for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.
     A special shout out to my good friend Brent Cameron Dail who has been competing in Puerto Rico and involved in a hot feud with Carly Colon for the Universal Heavyweight Championship.

     A heart felt shout out to Conservatory graduate and WWE star Lita (aka Mrs. Sign Guy). Lita has made remarkable progress since her surgery in May of this year to repair three cracked vertabrae in her neck and is expected to make a full recovery. Rumor has it that she will be able to make her return to the ring after the next Wrestlemania.
Gossip (or questions to ponder)
Adam Windsor wants to hurt Heater.

Osamu Nishimura wants to hurt Heater.

Chris English was recently voted one of the best ring announcers
on the independent circuit in a poll conducted on 1wrestling.com.

The Claw was recently voted one of the best referees
 on the independent circuit in another poll conducted on 1wrestling.com.

Why do Heater's leather pants squeak?

Cleopatra has returned and wants the Women's Championship back.

Vanesa Harding is back and ready for her first Women's Championship defense.
The Irish Siren is here and ready to lay claim to the Women's Championship.
Electro is here and ready to make his wrestling debut.
Why is Chuck Reid called "The Storm"?

Ru Star is back and ready to rise to the next level.

U.K. Kid is very mean to people (baby).

Ox has returned and he really wants anything with turkey in it.

Aric Dylan could snap a tree with his arms.

Dory & Marti Funk want to thank everyone for the support.

Thank you for reading.

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