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Superstars, Neurosurgeons and Billionaires

Vince McMahon - Certifiable Billionaire

Becoming a real professional wrestling superstar is a very high paying position.
Yes Ric Flair really does ride in limousines and fly in private jet airplanes. He
travels first class and lives like the personality you see on television. He is not the
only one to enjoy the good life of professional wrestling. The Rock is one of the
biggest moneymakers in Entertainment. Stone Cold Steve Austin now lives life like
he has said, in an understatement, turned up a few levels. Hunter Hurst lives the
good life and the ultimate promoter, Vince McMahon has all the comforts of life
money can buy, as does his family. Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar bust their ass for
the wrestling business and also enjoy the luxuries of a main event performer. Lita
has returned and is hotter than ever and will now return to "Superstardom." There
are many more professional wrestlers working in America and abroad earning
"huge bucks."

So often the question I get asked is, What is the difference in wrestling before and

National television has made pro-wrestling much more centralized. The competition
for fewer positions is much more intense and the money for those who make it to the
top is much greater. Making it to the top in the wrestling business can be worth
millions and even in an exceptional case, "Billions."

Wanna be a superstar? Wanna be a wresting promoter?

Your damn right you do.

Can you just walk into this business because you have good looks, personality and
some experience on the indy circuit. No chance in Hell. Superstars really like where
they are and want to stay there. (Competition in wrestling)

Just like any other high paying superstar position, making it to the top in wrestling
takes training, a plan and a whole lot of support. The wrestling superstars you see
today are all "highly trained" athletes.

I often hear indy workers say, "I'm trained," but does that mean they are ready for
the next level?

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