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Regulations for Professional Wrestling

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School

Section 1: General Rules - A wrestling match shall consist of a physical confrontation between two individual athletes or two teams of athletes who have demonstrated a proficiency in the skills contiguous to the sport and who are in sound physical condition. Wrestlers shall be of good moral character and shall not be fugitives from justice.
(a) A wrestling match shall be held in a ''ring' constructed in accordance with specific standards, as available upon request to any persons having been approved for the promotion of Funking Conservatory sanctioned wrestling events.
(b) The object of a wrestling match shall be to gain a victory over one's opponent through the use of a legal hold or series of legal holds and maneuvers. either by scoring a pin fall or by forcing an opponent to concede defeat. To be pinned: both of a contestant’s shoulders must be held to the mat for three consecutive seconds, as witnessed and counted off by the referee in charge of the event.

2. Illegal Holds - Holds and maneuvers which are allowed in AAU: NCAA and Olympic wrestling competition shall be permitted in professional matches. Additional holds which are not permitted in amateur competition, but which involve the use of the hands, arms, feet and legs in grasping or manipulating an opponent in such a way as to gain a position of advantage in a manner consistent with the basic objectives of the sport as outlined herein: shall be permitted, provided they are not specifically excluded herein or by subsequent Funking Conservatory directive.

3. Holds and Conduct not Allowed . Certain holds and types of behavior which are inherently un-sportsman like or for other reasons not in the best interests of professional wrestling will not be allowed. Wrestlers failing to adhere to these restrictions will be subject to disqualification and/or subsequent disciplinary action.
(a) The use of a closed fist is not permitted. A referee is authorized to disqualify a wrestler for the use of a closed fist after appropriate warnings. (b) Kicking with the point of the toe or heel is not permitted. Kicking with the flat of the foot or the instep is allowed.
(c) The use of karate or kung-fu thrusts or kicks is prohibited. Certain non-lethal judo moves, which may resemble these prohibited maneuvers. are allowed. Referees are expected to exercise extreme care in differentiating between legal and non-legal martial arts tactics.
(d) Pulling of hair, mask. tights or athletic gear of any sort to gain an advantage is prohibited.
(e) Eye-gouging or other efforts which would tend to impair an opponent's vision will not be allowed.
(f) Biting any part of an opponent's anatomy is strictly prohibited.
(g) Bending an opponent's individual fingers in such a way as to bring about a possible fracture or sprain is not allowed.
(h) Choke holds are prohibited as is any use of the ring ropes for the purpose of impairing an opponent's breathing.
(I) Any wrestler who deliberately strikes his opponent in the privates is subject to immediate disqualification.
(J) Taping of knuckles: wrists or any part of the hand, except as certified to be necessary by a physician, is prohibited.
(k) Any wrestler using a non-regulation object as a weapon against his opponent is subject to immediate disqualification/
(l) Any abuse, physical or verbal, of an official shall be grounds for disqualification and possible fine or suspension.
(m) Any interference in a match on the part of an individual who is not a designated participant shall be grounds for the disqualification of the contestant (s) who, in the referee’s judgment was being aided by said interference. This stipulation shall apply to managers and seconds as well as to any other parties who illegally involve themselves in a wrestling match.
(N) Attacking an opponent before the opening bell after the final bell or between falls will be grounds for disciplinary action at the discretion of the referee or reviewing officials.
(o) Deliberately throwing an opponent over the top ring rope is grounds for immediate disqualification. The exception to this is the battle royal. Battles royal may be held only with specific Funking Conservatory authorization.
(p) The use of any hold or maneuver not specified herein but which in the judgment of the Funking Conservatory Board of Directors is especially dangerous to participants in the sanctioned wrestling events may at any time be prohibited by a directive from Funking Conservatory headquarters.

4. Additional standards of conduct. - Unless otherwise stated therein a referee will disqualify a wrestler when an infraction for which said wrestler has been warned twice shall be committed for a third time: however, a referee shall have the discretion to disqualify a participant at any time said referee feels that a deliberate infraction of the rules would otherwise alter the outcome of a match in favor of the wrestler committing the infraction.
(a) A hold shall not be allowed if either contestant is in physical contact with the ropes or if any part of either contestant’s body is outside the vertical plane of the ring ropes. The referee will instruct the wrestler applying the hold in such cases to desist and the wrestler applying the hold will have five seconds as counted off by the referee in which to comply.
(b) In the event that a wrestler is thrown outside the ring, he shall have ten seconds as counted off by the referee in which to e-enter the ring. The count shall continue only while the remaining contestant is in a neutral corner making no effort to impede his opponent’s return to the ring. If the referee’s count is interrupted at any point, it shall be resumed at it’s beginning, not at the point of interruption, and only after order has been restored.
(c) The above ten-count procedure shall likewise apply in the case of a wrestler who is in or approximately in a prone position on the canvas without being in physical contact with his opponent and who. In the Judgment of the referee: is temporarily unable to wrestle.
(d) Any wrestler taking a full ten-count in the above circumstances shall be declared the loser of the match.

5. Tag team matches. Wrestlers wishing to participate in tag team matches may do so in accordance with the customary contractual procedures.
(a) In the event one member of a tag team is unable to wrestle or fails to make an appearance: his partner has the option of finding a substitute, forfeiting the match, or facing two opponents by himself.
(b) Only one member of a tag team is to be in the ring at any given time while the match is in progress. A five second transition period is permitted to facilitate wrestlers on a team exchanging places in the ring.
(c) Wrestlers on the same team can exchange places in the ring only after a legal tag-out has been accomplished; This must consist of a wrestler inside the perimeter of the ring ropes using one of his hands to make physical contact with one of the hands of his partner outside the perimeter of the ring ropes. Who shall be in a standing position, within arm's length of his own corner, with both feet on the mat and one arm over the top rope. A tag-out shall not be allowed if the wrestler on the outside of the ring is not appropriately positioned.
(d) The referee may. at his discretion, disallow any tag-out which he does not see or which he has reason to believe did not occur in accordance with the above stipulations.
(e) Tag teams may consist of two, three or more men within a reasonable number. and provided their opposing teams have an equal number of participants. except in the case of handicap matches. Wherein the numerically disadvantaged team or individual must sign an appropriate waiver of indemnity. A similar waiver must be signed in the case of ''Texas tornado'' matches in which tag team procedures are in part suspended, and in ''elimination'' matches. in which the makeup of teams may not remain constant throughout the match.
(f) Unless otherwise contractually stipulated: a tag team event may be won (or a fall therein may be won) by defeating only one member of the opposing team.

6. Weight Divisions - Wrestlers shall be matched with as little discrepancy in relative weights as is feasible, however wrestlers wishing to compete in the unlimited or heavyweight division are expected to accept matches with opponents of any weight.
(a) The weight limit for the Junior heavyweight division shall be 230 pounds.
(b) Other weight divisions, where applicable, shall be designated in accordance with the rules of Olympic freestyle competition.

7. Women‘s Matches - Women athletes participating in Funking Conservatory-Sanctioned wrestling events will be subject to the same rules and regulations as male wrestlers except as stipulated herein. '
(a) Women wrestlers shall in no case be paid either more or less than male athletes involved in matches which could reasonably be construed as being of similar value to the promoter.
(b) Women wrestlers will not be matched against male opponents. Mixed'' tag team matches will be conducted in such a manner that female participants are not required to wrestle directly against male opponents.


Funking Conservatory Wrestling School

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