Press Release from the Funking Conservatory

Following are photos of the new home of the Funking Conservatory, A Pro-wrestling School
Owned and Operated by Dory and Marti Funk.

"Come on Jeff Jarrett, Get Your Best Hold"

The New Dory Funk Arena

Our First Show From the New Dory Funk Arena
On January 18th we will present the first show from the new Dory Funk Arena. It will
be Teacher vs Student as Dory Funk Jr. will be wrestling the Royal Stud, Adam
Windsor. Adam is big at 245 pounds, now very strong and an excellent technical
wrestler. Dory Funk will be looking to even the record as Adam does hold a victory over
Funk earned two years ago at the Armory in Tampa, Florida, the same place Funk won
the NWA World Championship from Giant Gene Kiniski nearly to the day, thirty five
years ago.

On Jeff Jarrett
On January 25th, all Hell is going to break loose as Dory will face NWA World Champion
Jeff Jarrett in a match sanctioned by the NWA as a World Title match. This will be
Funk's first ever meeting with Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett has already proved himself a legend in his own time. He is a two time NWA
World Champion. Jeff Jarrett working through his company, NWA/TNA and with his
father Jerry Jarrett,'s Bob Ryder, NWA President Bill Behrens and the
NWA membership, collectively has brought respect back to the NWA World Heavy-
weight Championship.

Count them, Jeff has won more than fifty titles in professional wrestling, however he
says all others pale in comparison to the NWA World Championship.

Jeff is the son of a very famous wrestler and wrestling promoter, Jerry Jarrett. It is tough
break into professional wrestling with the kind of expectations people hold of a son of a
legend. Jeff Jarrett has done it with huge success.

Wrestling for the Title
Dory Funk is in excellent condition and says he is stronger and a better wrestler than
when He won the NWA World Title at the age of 27 from Giant Gene Kiniski.

Dory said, "It can happen. I believe dreams can come true. Not only for me but for
everybody who wants something bad enough and is willing to work for it. Yes, for sure,
I have dreamed of once again wrestling for the NWA World Championship. On Sunday
January 25th at the Dory Funk Arena at SkateMania, my dream will come true.

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NWA World Champion, Jeff Jarrett Comes to the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida