Betty McKinley passed away June 15th, at the age of 80, preceeded by her husband John McKinley who passed on October
12, 2003 at the age 88. They are the mother and father of !BANG! TV producer Marti Funk. John McKinley was a Baptist
Minister and an Artist. His wife Betty worked in the church in support of her husband. Services for Betty McKinley are at
Roberts Funeral Home downtown in Ocala, Florida Monday June 20th at 9:30am.
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Betty and John McKinley with their daughter, Marti Funk
From her notes we found that when she married John E. McKinley, in 1943 she was earning $63.00 per week writing for a
newspaper. John was in service to his country in the U.S. Marines. Her salary was impressive for an 18 year old girl as her
salary adjusted for inflation would be equal to $619.00 in present day purchasing dollars.

Betty McKinley in the Eyes of John McKinley.
Betty was loved dearly by her husband, John as is evidenced in this black and white pencil.

Jesus Walks on the Water by Pastor John McKinley
John McKinley was a deeply religious person serving coutinuously as a pastor for more than
fifty years. Above is his painting in oil of Jesus as he walded on the water.

American Eagle by John McKinley
John McKinley was also an environmentalist and man of the outdoors. American Eagle in Oil.

More on the works of John McKinley

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