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The Funking Conservatory 3 Step/3 week Program to becoming a Star On !BANG! TV

Whether you are just starting out in professional wrestling, already a semi experienced worker, or even an experience worker, the Funking Conservatory offers a three step three week course at the end of which you will be considered an alumni and able to work every house show/ and or tv taping that the Funking Conservatory presents.

The Funking Conservatory prides itself on its safety program, and whether you are an adult or teenager, male or female, this three-step program will teach you how to take care of yourself and another individual while in the ring. It will also promote you and market you so that the biggest names in the wrestling industry will get to see your face and your work.

Step 1/Week 1
The basics of wrestling. 

‘ In order to succeed to the highest level in wrestling, you must be fundamentally sound at the basics.’

Week one of training will start you on the road to this. Making you adept at armdrags, headlocks, simple high spots, body slams and clotheslines to name just a few.

At the end of this week, you will perform in front of a live audience on a !BANG! house show.

Step 2/Week 2
Adding to the basics and using your creativity.

Step 2 of the program takes what you have learned in the first week, and adds more complicated high spots, moves. Using your own creativity, you will be able to practice and perform maneuvers that you wish to use so that you can get them looking fluid, solid and safe.

At the end of this week, you will perform on another !BANG! house show, in front of another live audience .

Step 3/ Week 3
Moving up to the winners circle.

Step 3 takes everything that you have learned over the first two weeks, ties them together and starts to show you the psychology of the wrestling business. In order for you to perform in front of a large crowd, psychology plays a huge key, and you will have the chance to use this at the end of this week because you will star on a Live TV Taping for !BANG! TV.

So what's after step 3?…..

Well first of all you be officially allowed to perform on all !BANG! House Shows and also !BANG! TV Taping.

If you really want to succeed in this business as Dory Funk Jr. has then we here at the Funking Conservatory suggest after week three that you sit down and have a conference with him.

After analyzing your work from the tapes of the three previous weeks, he will be able to tell you what you need to work on, and how the Funking Conservatory will be able to help you fulfill you dreams of becoming a pro wrestler.

If you can dream it, you can do it!!

The Funking Conservatory will help you with your dreams, whether its wrestling for the WWE one day, in Japan or for another organization.

So take the next step………. In Fact take the next THREE STEPS, and attend The Funking Conservatory's Three Step, Three Week Program. You will not be disappointed!!

Call - 352-895-4658
E-mail Dory Funk -
Application to Join the Funking Conservatory Now

At the Funking Conservatory, we offer the opportunity for you to become a wrestling TV Star in just three weeks.

All instructions are hands on by Dory Funk Jr.

 We believe you learn best by doing.

In your first day and every day after, at the Funking Conservatory you will have a video taped television interview and wrestling match. You will view yourself on television every day of training. At the end of each week of training you will have a wrestling match in front of a live audience. At the end of three weeks you will be ready for a staring position on our !BANG! TV Taping live from the Dory Funk Arena.

Professional wrestling is a team effort. Those in support of you will be your teammates, our television production company, our photography studio, our writing staff, my personal assistant, Johnny Magnum, Our head referee, The Claw, our TV Producer and Videographer/photographer, Marti Funk and myself, Dory Funk Jr. with four years experience as NWA World Champion and ongoing working relationships with all American and Japanese Wrestling Companies.

Here at the Funking Conservatory we are a team in support of you and your dreams of becoming a professional wrestler / TV Star.

The Funking Conservatory is a "Full Service Wrestling School."
We offer courses in:  Promotion of Professional Wrestling, Refereeing, Announcing and Creative Writing for Professional Wrestling.

Current wrestling stars trained by Dory Funk Jr. include:

The consensus best worker in the world, Kurt Angle, Test, Christian, The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, Lita, Gene Sniski, Rico Constantino, of La Resistance Silvan Granier, The High Flyer, Paul London, Test, Current NWA World Champion, Steve Corino, Rikishi, Dr. Death Steve Williams, of The Road Warriors, Hawk, William Regal, Val Venis aka Chairman Morley, Current TNA Champion, Rhino, Edge and more.

At the Funking Conservatory, your dreams will come true.

To Contact the Funking Conservatory:
Call - 352-895-4658
E-mail Dory Funk -

Funking Conservatory Application Form

For Ticket Information for !BANG!
E-mail Dory Funk Jr.
Visit Dory's Home Page

To join the Funking Conservatory and be a part of !BANG! TV: 
Call Dory Funk - (352) 895-4658 

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