In Funk's Corner
Lita Returns to Raw

Last night on Raw, The Funking Conservatory's Lita returned to action to the biggest pop of the night. Lita was in the First Funking Conservatory training camp. She was the only girl in a training camp with 15 other men. Nothing was easy. She earned their respect by working hard and asking no privileges because she was a girl. After a double training session on the first day of training, she was up the next morning at 5:00am for a photo shoot with !BANG! TV producer Marti Funk on the Rainbow River. Lita came directly from the two hour photo shoot to training in the ring at 8:00am. In ring training was highly competitive as she competed with the likes of Adam Windsor, 260 pound Dave DeJohn, The King Pins, Raz, H.C. Loc, The Muskateer, and more. Lita was outstanding on two of our !BANG! TV shows. She won the 16 man over the top battle Royal in the end pinning the shoulders of Dave DeJohn. 

Here at the Funking Conservatory, we are thrilled she is back. It has taken a long time to recover from her neck injury but if last night's performance was any indication, it was well worth the wait. 

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Saturday night September 20th at the Funking Conservatory Bobby BoneCrusher Smith will face Giant Magnum in a Trucker's Fight

Regardless of the outcome the following Saturday, September 27that the Dory Funk Arena in a Funking Conservatory World Championship Match, The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor will meet his toughest challenge yet when he faces Giant Magnum. Call the number above for ticket information.

Special Announcement: The Funking Conservatory will be running shows in Florida in in cooperation with Bobby Lombardi's Double Ring Wrasslin. 

                      SAT. DEC. 20 -2003  2 BIG SHOWS 3PM and 7PM
                      VOLUSIA COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS 
                      3150 E.NEW YORK AVE 
                      DELAND, FLORIDA, 32724   1-386-734-9515 
                      SAT. DEC. 27 -2003  7PM BELL TIME
                      THE MELBOURNE AUDITORIUM 
                      625  E.HIBISCUS BLVD. 
                      MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, 32901   1-321-674-5700
                      TUES. DEC. 30 -2003  7PM BELL TIME
                      CHARLOTTE COUNTY CIVIC CENTER 
                      75 TAYLOR STREET 
                      PUNTA GORDA, FLORIDA,33950  1-941-639-5833
To order tickets in advance