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Checking Out the Talent

Dory Funk Jr. and Bob Ryder of

Our thanks to Bob Ryder for attending this edition of the Funking Conservatory
Training Camp. He is the owner of, Discount Travel Agency and
Talent Scout and Booker for NWA/TNA.

Bob was with us here when the Funking Conservatory began more that three years
ago. Our television show is now in it's 108th consecutive weekly eddition of
!BANG!. We are grateful to Bob and for their recognition of the
need for a place for young wrestlers to develope their skills and for their support of
The Funking Conservatory.

Tonight Bob will be recieving the Funking Conservatory Fighting Heart Award.


Dory and Marti Funk

Photo Special

Photos by Marti Funk                           Akachan

We are proud of this group of students at the Funking Conservatory
They have improved in their performance every day and tonight,
They will !BANG! The House Down.

The Dory Funk Arena
Dory Funk Jr.
Adam Adam The Royal Stud Windsor
Claudia The Claw Reiff
Bobby Bone Crusher Smith
Oh My God, It's Rick Santel
Travis Weberling
Red Power
Dennis The Menace to Society
Allison "Dixie" Nichols
Johnathan Murdoch Mallard
Sledge Hammer
Treavor "Mercury" Holden
NWA Wildside's Murder One
Missy Hyatt

The main event on our !BANG! television show will be an "Inter gender Handicap Match" as
The Royal Stud, Adam Windsor teams with Dixie to face Red Power and NWA Wildside's
Blackout. Also appearing on the card will be the First Lady of Professional Wrestling, Missy

To be a part of this star studded show:
Call Dory Funk - (352) 895-4658

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