Funk's Corner - Funk, Flair, Blanchard, Graham, Sammartino and J. J. Dillon

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In Funk's Corner - Dory Funk Jr. and Mike Graham seconded by Bruno Sammartino vs Tully Blanchard and David Flair seconded by J. J. Dillon is Coming to Pay Per View April 29th on In Demand TV.

You can witness this amazing wrestling event with over 40 of the greatest legends from the past 30 years. Turn back the clock to pay tribute to televised wrestling, and in particular, the 6:05 Saturday evening shows. Ten incredible matches with many shocks and surprises combined with footage from wrestling’s golden era. The magazine pages of wrestling history spring to life and into the ring featuring: Dory Funk Jr. The Living Legend Bruno Sammartino, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, DDP, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, Jim Cornette, Buff Bagwell, Jimmy Hart, The Midnight Express, Carlos Colon, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Vampiro and many more. View upcoming show times. You won’t want to miss this action packed wrestling show!  View the introduction of Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk and Jimmy Hart from Wrestlemania 2.


Bruno Sammartino and Dory Funk Jr. - Photo Credit to Bill Otten

Mike Graham and Dory Funk Jr.

Sal Corrente, Bruno Sammartino, Mike Graham, Dory Funk Jr., Hard Rock Cafe - Photo Shawnee Richards

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Wrestling School Information


The Funking Conservatory is a full service pro wrestling school. We train wrestlers, managers, referees, promoters, we are coed. We have an outstanding safety program. 
The Funking Conservatory is also a full service video/photography studio. The Funking Conservatory produces the weekly !BANG! TV show. 
For information on the many services we offer, call:  352-895-4658