Learn to speak Japanese

Professor Dory Funk Jr. and Osamu Nishimura           

In Japanese there are only five vowel sounds. Learn these and you can pronounce all Japanese vowels.

A - as in father
I - as in eel
U - as in moo
E - as in lake
O - as in hoe

Most consonants are the same as in English.

In pronouncing the vowels, you must enunciate each vowel separately. Now you are ready to speak the language.

(Click the Links to hear the correct pronounciation)

Hai - Yes in the context of, "Yes, I understand."

Arigato- Thank you.

Sumimasen- Excuse me, or a request for attention or service.

Konnichi wa - Hello, day time, or anytime.

Ohayo Gozaimasu - Hello in the morning.

Konban wa - Hello in the evening.

Wakarimashita- I have understood what you said.

Wakarimasen- I don't understand.

Sore ja mata - Well then see you later.

Iie- No, or don't mention it. (Reply if someone says, Thanks or arigato)

Oyasuminasai- Good Night.

Sayonara- Good-by or farewell.

It is important that you have the attention of the person you are speaking to. Sumimasen will accomplish that in a polite manner.

I hope you have enjoyed this introductory lesson in Japanese.


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