Gunslinger Rap

Kids and Grandpa having fun on the trampoline                  Whoopie, Texas is always fun, Marti, Penny & Doris

Boogers??? (Jennifer)                Time for a break (Dory)               Ouch!!! (Bob and Grandpa)

Bob is a pest??? (Cobi and Bob )                  Hey! this trampoline is for jumping on.  (Jennifer and Dory)

Kids at attention                                               Is it a dog or an inkspot???

"Just a Swingin'" Dory & Doris     Time for a break, Doris, Marti, & Penny   Watch that fountain!!! (Sheldon)

Dory, the Third Flips over the kids                  Parents can't get too many pictures

Jimi, Bob, Penny, and Dirk                                                       Gee, We all had a good time.


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