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Old School Wrestling Stories

One of the most dramatic incidents in ancient sports history involves Arrichion the Pankratiast. (No Holds Barred Wrestler) Competing for his third Olympic crown in 564 BC, Arrichion found himself the victim of a deadly choke applied from behind. His unnamed opponent had twined his legs around Arrichionfs, and inserted the tips of his feet behind Arrichionfs knees for purchase. Although Arrichion ultimately forced his opponent to concede by dislocating his ankle, Arrichion himself expired from the effects of the choke. His lifeless body was crowned with the victorfs wreath.

The above scenario is not unique in professional wrestling. Only 2536 years later on February 21st, 1972 in the Mid Atlantic Territory, Luther Lindsey was wrestling Ronnie Paul. Luther Lindsey fired a big comeback on Ronnie Paul and went for a cover and at that moment had a heart attack and died in the ring. With Luther on top even though Luther Lindsey had passed on, the referee counted three on Ronnie Paul. The winner of the match was the lifeless Luther Lindsey.

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