Gunslinger Rap
On June 2, 1998 Junkyard Dog, aka Silvester Ritter lost his life in a single vehicle accident on Interstate 20.  He was returning to his home in North Carolina after attending his daughter's graduation ceremony in Mississippi. He was only 45 years old. 
Masanori Horie (Friend of Junkyard Dog, Tokyo Japan)

Special Guest on Gunslinger Rap, Masanori Horie (Number one Japanese Wrestling Fan and Friend)

Junkyard Dog, as Big Daddy Ritter, had come to Japan only one time for the I.W.E promotion in 1979. He was with Superstar Billy Graham, Killer Brooks, Gypsy Joe, The UFO, Mr.Hito(Katsuji Adachi who was managed by Percival A. in Kansas City), and Gerry Morrow. I think he had just graduated from the Hart family's wrestling school in Calgary before coming to Japan. In those days, Tokyo Joe (Testunosuke Daigo)lived in Calgary and was a booker for the I.W.E. So bunch of wrestlers from Stampede Wrestling came to the I.W.E in '70s before Hart family started to send wrestlers to New Japan in '80s. Tokyo Joe still lives in Calgary and is working for New Japan now. Big Daddy Ritter did only head butts in those days - no dog collar, no chain, no "Thump", but I still keep his autograph - he was very friendly man to a Japanese kid. I enjoyed watching him on the Mid South, Mid Atlantic (I didn't like Dave Meltzer always called him J.F.D(Junk Food Dog), I don't dislike wrestlers like Jimmy Valiant, Rufus R.Jones, Bugsy McGraw, and J.Y.D. - I enjoyed their performances.), and the WWF - I remember Hogan and J.Y.D faced Dory and Terry on TV. Sayonara J.Y.D.

Masanori Horie

Junkyard Dog could draw money. He was packing them in for Mid-South professional wrestling under the guidance of Bill Watts. I knew him by reputation in the business, but had not met him until my first day ever working for the WWF. January of 1986, I walked into the dressing room at Poughkeepsie where the WWF was doing their television show. The advertised match was Terry Funk vs Junkyard Dog.

I had never seen a dressing room with so many wrestlers in my life. In one corner, Uncle Elmer had a dining room table full of fake Rolex watches, on sale for twenty five to fifty dollars. Jake Roberts was talking about this new outfit he was going to get and he was going to carry a snake to the ring. I had seen that before in Texas. The sheik built Lubbock into the hottest town in Texas and often brought a snake to the ring. Kieth Franks was putting on his makeup, (Adorable Adrian Addonis) , Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, George "The Animal" Steel, Hercules, Andre the Giant, and Mr. Box Office, Hulk Hogan were all there.

I was brought in un-announced. The main event was Terry vs Junkyard Dog. I remember the match in detail. After about fifteen minutes, Terry was in trouble. Junkyard Dog went for his sleeper hold and I came in from the back side, pulled off a cowboy boot and blasted the Junkyard Dog from behind. We beat the hell out of the Junkyard Dog on Poughkeepsie TV.

When we returned to the dressing room, Uncle Elmer was waiting with a two carat diamond he was going to sell me for a hundred and fifty dollars, Perfect blue white with no inclusions.

For the next three months business was fantastic with Hogan on top supported by some combination of Terry and I against Junkyard Dog and a partner. Our feud culminated with Wrestlemania II with Terry and I gaining a victory over Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana. Our last match until we meet again. "Thanks Junkyard Dog."



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