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Dixie Diva of Domination aka, Jayole Bate

Funking Conservatory Women's Champion

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Dixie Diva of Domination aka Jayole Bate is only 16 years old and is an excellent student.
Her specialties in school are algebra, trigonometry and calculus. Dixie has accomplished
much in high school and has permission from her principle to leave school to attend training
sessions of the Funking Conservatory. She has been with us in the Funking Conservatory
for one year. She is one of our finest champions.

"I call myself Jayole Bate and some people say, I'm a big flirt?"

"Why would Mr. McMahon want to play with older girls when he could talk to Jayole Bate?"

"I was born to be a wrestler. I have worked hard to achieve my goal of being a wrestling TV Star."

You can be a TV star at the Funking Conservatory in three weeks.
The Funking Conservatory is a Pro-wrestling School.
!BANG! is a weekly television show emanating from the Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida.
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