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!BANG! TV  Results for Sunday November 25th
Professional Wrestling

Webbies (Mini Movies) for WrestleFeast

Total Desecration of the Women's Championship Bel (6 minutes)
Bad Behavior by Funking Conservatory Champion, Shane Chung (3 minutes)
 Tag Team Championship Match
Johnny Magnum and Will Power (Challengers)
 Funking Conservatory World Championship Match
Shane Chung (Champion) vs Blain Rage (Challenger)
(Part I - 10 minuste)     (Part II - 11 minutes))

Special One Night Challenge Tournament for the Women's Championship
One Night Challenge - Champion (The Claw)
The Claw vs Vicki Von (10 minutes)

For the Women's Championship
"The Claw," Claudia Reiff vs Kim Dakota (10 minutes)


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 Webbies    Trailer for !BANG! TV    Dory Funk Sr.
Pat Patterson is on !BANG! TV Taping and Webbies

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Shane Chung to defend Funking Conservatory World Championship at Support the Troops 21, "WrestleFeast

!BANG! TV Results

New Air Conditioned
Funking Conservatory Training Center

Dory Funk Jr. Takes You on a Personal Tour of the New Training Center

Two Vince's Invade Dory Funk's Office
The Claw is Rudely Interrupted
Funking Conservatory Snack Bar Complete With Controversy
Blain Rage and Shane Chung Meet Inside the Steel Cage


Dory Funk - New Uses for a Tire                                   !BANG! TV Tron

Funking Conservatory Programs Include Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts


 The Claw, Before Being Interrupted                  1,200 Square Foot Amateur Wrestling Mat

Shane Chung and Elvis Sharp Training                     State of the Art Ring

Two Vinces Invade Dory Funk's Office                              Blaine Rage Beats a Hasty Retreat

The Funking Conservatory Training Center Has a Snack Bar Complete With Controversy

Dory Funk Jumbo Tsuruta     Dory Funk Sabu
                                                 Referee Joe Higuchi                                    Referee "The Claw"

Special Hero - Dory Funk Sr.        Short Arm Scissors

Blain Rage - Stop Saying Bad Things about Britney

 Results from !BANG! TV Taping Support the Troops 18, "Fight For Freedom"


Rules of Wrestling

Watch Gail Kim, The Claw and the Pop Tarts on !BANG! TV


The Claw is Tar and Feathered on !BANG! TV - More to Come


Results + Next !BANG! TV Taping

Much More to Come from !BANG! TV

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"Blast From the Past"

Pop Tarts Double Cross The Claw



The Claw, Wrestling Official

The Claw With Choice Words for the "Pop Tarts"

Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly Interview

"Pop Tarts Aver" - The Claw is Number One in Their Book

Dory Funk Jr./ Princess Diana Ocala Star Banner Feature Story


Miss Vicki and Lady Kimberly Interview

Shane Chung vs Blain Rage

Blain Rage Claims to be the Father of Anna Nicole's Baby

A Message from Shane Chung to Blain Rage

Introducing "Hunk of Burning Love" Elvis Sharp

!BANG! TV Training Match - Elvis Sharp vs Michael Todd



Watch Dory Funk Jr. vs Robert Gibson on !BANG! TV


Father James Mitchell Clashes with The Claw

!BANG! TV "Match of the Week" & "Training Match of the Week"


Wrestling Interviews

Click Here to See the "Best Cat Fight Ever."

Dory Funk Jr. Biography Page

!BANG! TV Interviews - Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory

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 Dory Funk Jr. vs Tick Toc Crock

Talented Girls of the Funking Conservatory - !BANG! TV "Match of the Week"

"ECW, ECW, ECW"        "OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING"        CATFIGHT III, "Better Than All the Rest"

Results Include Funk vs Scott D'Amore - "New World Record" and All Girl Tag Team

Support the Troops 10 "Reality Check"

Selected Matches:

Dory Funk Jr. vs Robert Gibson - (Blain Rage interferes, winner, Dory Funk Jr.)

Funking Conservatory

Wrestling School


"Reality Check" Information  

Lita and Mickie James Special

  Enter Dory Funk Jr.'s Website

Blain Rage Vandalizes !BANG! TV

Racist Attack - The Claw vs Johnny Magnum

Watch "Catfight II, The Claw and Gail Kim"

Dory Funk Jr. vs Antonio Inoki



Dory Funk Jr. Interview for !BANG! TV

Watch the Video - Dory Funk Jr. vs Rob Van Dam


Dory Funk Sr. / Cowboy Carlson - Inspiration to a young performer - Roy Rogers / Dory and Terry Funk

All Photos (C) Copyright 2006 by Marti Funk

Brisco Brothers, Jack and Jerry

Click here for Terry and Dory Funk


Road Warriors

Photos in Memory of Nancy Benoit - The Hart Family (With Nancy and Chris Benoit)

Dory Funk Interview with Alex Marvez

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Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar

Coach Dory Funk Jr. and Kurt Angle

Dory Funk Jr. Talks About Dealing with Steroids in Professional Wrestling

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Dory Funk, Daunte Culpepper and Luciano Pavarotti  Headline Ocala Star Banner TV

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Hardcore Dory vs Brody   Violence in Wrestling     Trailer for !BANG! TV

                 The Claw is the New !BANG! TV Women's Champion
                    Mario Bedenetti, Kim Dakota and Elvis Sharp
                   !BANG! TV Results        Funk, Graham, Brisco and Gordon Sole

Photo Review by Marti Funk - Beautiful Women of !BANG! TV
Ocala Star Banner Special on the Funking Conservatory
!BANG! TV Interactive

Ricky Romero vs King Curtis Eaukea



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