!BANG! House Show Results
Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, FL
August 16, 2003
Submitted by James Malone aka Sign Guy
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     At the beginning of tonight's house show, Funking Conservatory Triple Crown Champion The
Royal Stud Adam Windsor came to the ring and started to talk about all the champions and how
they regularly defend their titles. He then said that there was one person who hadn't defended his
title on a regular basis and that was !BANG! TV Champion Samson.

     Samson came to the ring and told Adam that he was ready to defend his belt against ANY
challenger. Adam called for the opponent to come to the ring. A young man named Aaron Alter
came to the ring. Samson took one look at Mr. Alter and started to laugh.

     Mr. Alter took the microphone and said "Excuse me, Samson, but I'm not your opponent.
Your opponent just happens to be my client. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Magnum The Giant!!!!"

     Magnum The Giant stepped through the curtains. This man stands 7 feet tall and weighs 280 pounds.
He stepped into the ring and went right after Samson. All it took Magnum was one huge chokeslam to
pin Samson and become the new !BANG! TV Champion.

     In other matches:

     Funking Conservatory Tag Team Champion The Big Cat def. The Highland Strangler.

     Funking Conservatory Tag Team & Hardcore Champion Bonecrusher def. Funking Conservatory
European Champion Sledgehammer

     Adam Windsor, Bonecrusher, & Big Cat def. Samson, Sledgehammer, & The Highland Strangler
via disqualification after Samson hit every wrestler in the ring (including both of his partners) with a
steel chair.

     After the match was over, Samson tried to smooth talk Sledgehammer, who he screwed over in
two earlier matches. Sledgehammer decided that he had enough and went after Samson. Samson
retaliated and started to punish Sledgehammer when Adam Windsor came in to separate the two men.

     Once separated, Adam made the announcement that Sledgehammer and Samson would meet in the
main event at next week's house show. The stipulation would be that the winner of the match would go
on to meet Adam in the Texas Death Match at the "Going For The Gold" !BANG! TV taping on August 30th.
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