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More Safety in Professional Wrestling

Dory Funk Jr. and Bob Ryder, "Let's keep this game fun."
Bob Ryder was here when we opened the Funking Conservatory.
We will celebrate our forth anniversary next month.

Professional wrestling is fun, It is sports entertainment, It is a spontaneous performance, It is
exhilarating, It is the thrill of a life time to do once what I have had the privilege of doing thousands
of times, It is different than any other form of athletics or performance, It is thrilling, It is aerobic,
It is good for your ego and psychic, A well done performance is the best high you will ever have.

One wrong move or one inattention to safety can turn exhilaration to disaster in a second.

Here is some safety advice from the Funking Conservatory in the interest of avoiding injury.

Sufficient and proper warm up before wrestling. (Rob Van Dam warms up at least thirty minutes)
No blows to the back of the head. None. The back of the head is soft and brain tissue unprotected.
No chair shots to the head without proper training on exactly how to do it safely.
Extensive neck exercise to prevent injury from landing in unusual attitudes.
Extensive quadriceps training to prevent injury to the knees.
A training system that allows the person taking the bump to control his landing and the person giving
the bump to facilitate that control.
No high risk maneuvers without support and approval of the trainer.
A drug free, alcohol free, tobacco free atmosphere for training.
A clean training facility.

This is only a part of the safety program at the Funking Conservatory. Wrestlers need training to
safely perform in the ring. If you are a parent or a wrestler and contemplate attending a wrestling
school, be sure and check out the cleanliness of the facility and ask about the safety program.
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The Funking Conservatory is now running weekly house shows at the Dory Funk Arena.
For information on our program, call - 352-895-4658

Our thanks to the following performers for a great house show last Saturday night at the Dory
Funk Arena. 1.  Sledge Hammer,  2 and 10.  Adam Windsor,  3 and 8 The Claw,  4 and 7.  The Big
Cat, 5.  Sturm Flieger,  6.  The Highland Strangler,  7 and 8.  BoneCrusher,  9.  The Mighty Samson,
10.  Dory Funk Jr. demonstrates the Cravat, Webster defines it as a necktie and that it is.

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