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The Office Hold
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There was a day when the Spinning Toe Hold or the Figure Four Leg Lock would bring the fans to their feet.

One match in particular stands out in my mind. Near the end of a ninety minute match with Jack Brisco I
tried the Spinning Toe Hold. Jack reversed it into the Figure Four Leg Lock with twenty seconds to go. The
wrestling fans in the Jacksonville Coliseum got up out of their seats and rushed by the hundreds to ringside.
There was no stopping them. The bell rang ending the time limit with Jack having me locked in the Figure
Four Leg Lock. Of course the NWA World Title stayed with the champion in case of a draw.

The same thing happened in Japan at the end of an hour match when Antonio Inoki locked in his Python

There was a day when the Boston Crab was certain defeat. Fans screamed in fear when Fritz Von Erich got
the Iron Face Claw and Verne Gagne's Sleeper Hold reigned supreme.

When George Curtice rubbed his fist into the mat, somebody was going to get knocked cold. When Buddy
Fuller went for his version of the Klingman Toe Hold the fans rose to their feet.

Big John Valentine once was trapped in a Top Body Scissors administered by Vincent Lopez and after thirty
minutes John escaped, only to soon be trapped into it again and he stayed there until the one hour time limit
expired. The next week in Calgary they returned the match and sold out.

Danny McShane came to Amarillo with the Atomic Drop and fans feared He would break Dory Funk Sr.'s

I remember traveling to Atlanta Georgia to face Ox Baker, The master of the Heart Punch. Two men had
just died right after wrestling Ox. Atlanta Booker Tom Renesto attributed the deaths of Raymon Torrez
and Ray Gunkel to Ox's Heart Punch. The fans were so fearful for my welfare, as I arrived, they ran out
of the building  to tell me not to go into the ring with Ox Baker, fearful that he would kill me if He hit me
with the Heart Punch. (That was one match I did have some concern before working.)

Finishing holds were protected by the promotions. It was like the wrestlers held a patent on their favorite
holds and they fought for the protection of the holds.

Match the following holds with their names:

Cradle Takedown_____?
Sugar Hold_____?
Leg Grapevine_____?
Klingman Toe Hold_____?
Top Body Scissors_____?
Key Lock_____?
Rear Chinlock_____?
Bar Arm_____?
Front Face Lock_____?
Fireman's Carriage_____?
Double Wrist Lock_____?
In number 7, I am telling Adam Windsor the best hold in wrestling. "The Office Hold."

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