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Gus Miller (Officiating 101, West Texas State University)

Match of the Year

"A good referee will have a flair for the dramatic. The referee is the communication link between the action and the spectators. The referee's actions must be animated, accurate, and relay immediate information to everyone in attendance." As Gus Miller's voice droned on I looked at the clock on the wall of Gus's Officiating 101 class. Five more minutes and I would be out of here and on to the student union building where the jukebox would be playing country music and we could check out all the new girls at West Texas State University's Spring Band Camp.

Most of the fans don't take the referee serious, but he is the one that key's some of the most important responses to a wrestling match. For example, I get the spinning toehold on my opponent, (fan response 1) the referee signals the submission, (fan response 2) the referee raises my hand in victory. (fan response 3) Fan response 3 should be the biggest (climax) and most thrilling to the fans.  If the referee is off with his thumb up his nose, or for that matter the wrestler is dancing around ignoring the referee, the effect is lost.

Brian Hildabrand (AKA Mark Curtice) is one of the best referees I have known in the wrestling business. I first met Brian and his fiancé Pam working in Smoky Mountain with Jim Cornett. We became good friends. Brian always talked about making it in the big time with one of the two majors in America, WWF or WCW. Last year he got his call to work part time at WCW. That was the break Brian needed. He did an excellent job and was asked to stay on permanently with WCW. Brian and his fiancé Pam could now start making plans for their future....

Dory Funk Jr. Mark Curtice, His Fiancé, Pam and Jim Cornett

Brian's success was followed by tragedy. Two months ago, Marti received a phone call from Pam who was crying and hysterical. Brian had been diagnosed with stomach  cancer and would have to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. For Brian, it would the match of his life.......

Brian's fight against cancer gets my vote for match of the year. (Second place to Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for the Bad Blood Cage Match)

I would like to share Brian and Pam's last letter to us.

Gunslinger and Babe,
Greetings from the great state of Tennessee!  As always we hope that this email finds you and yours in the best of all possible circumstances; those being, of course:  HEALTH, MIND, & SPIRITS!!!!
Just a short update,... thanksgiving went well,.. wasn't able to eat a whole lot but probably ate more than we figured.  My weight continues to drop,... I've gone from 145 down to 115,... and I've been eating too!   The radiation part of my treatment is over,... but I still have some chemo  to go through,... the beginning of Jan and Feb,... then hopefully we can put this whole thing finally behind us.

The Love of Brian's Life, Pam
Talked to Terry Taylor today and he told me that my job is still there when I get 100% better, and not before.  WCW has been great by taking care of me while I've been off,... that and having the love of my life taking care of
me,... it makes me realize just how lucky one man can be.
Next week we are going to visit my father in Pittsburgh for about a week,... I've got to get all of my shopping done for Pam while we're up there,... I just seem to be able to find more things up there than down here.  Then on the
way home we'll stop in and see her family for a day or two,... then back here for Christmas-- just the two of us, and Renfield   (their cat) of course.

It sounds like you guys have been busy,... I don't know what'z up wit d funking dojo,... but it sounds like fun.  I've been enjoying reading your message board,...  hope to hook up with my old friend Hisa and have already hooked up with Rob Moore,... thanks for having something like that!!!

Tennessee Buddies, Brian Hildabrand and Dory Funk Jr.
Well I've got to get running for now, remember the date May 7th-- you'll be invited to the wedding of the year,... hopfully, we'll have fun anyway!!!


Brian, Pam, & Renfield

All our love to you Brian and Pam,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dory and Marti Funk
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