In Funk's Corner

Pro-wrestling Heaven

Dory Funk Jr.

Last night I dreamed I went to pro-wrestling heaven. And you know who greeted
me at the gate? The Founder of Mid Atlantic Wrestling Himself, Jim Crockett Sr.
He said to me, Dory, the Big Boss of the wrestlers up here has asked me to
show you around. Now, over there are a couple of your old friends.

My, was I glad to see them, Sir Nelson Royal. and Jay Youngblood.

I shook hands with Mr. Wrestling, Tim Woods.

Jim Crockett Sr. showed me the Hall of Fame with all the golden tights and wrestling
shoes on the walls. Then he said, Dory, step over this way, there are two more of
your friends I know you'll want to see, they're waiting for you. There they were
standing side by side and smiling at me-- Johnny Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel.

Then I asked him who else do you expect in the next, uh, say a hundred years? He
handed me a large book covered with star dust. Jim Crockett Sr. called it the Big
Tally Book. In it were many names and each name was branded in pure gold. I
began to read some of them as I turned the pages:

Bob Caudle, Les Thatcher  Magnum T.A., Masked Superstar, Ron Garvin, Greg
Valentine, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Jim Cornette, Stan Lane, Jimmy Valiant,
Johnny Weaver, Abe Jacobs, Buddy Landel, Bobby Fulton, Don & Rocky
Kernodle, Tommy Young, Jim Nelson, George South, Gary Royal, Dusty Rhodes,
Ricky Steamboat, The Rock-n-Roll Express, Tully Blanchard, J.J. Dillon, Jimmy
Garvin, Ivan Koloff, Dennis "Menace to Society" Arnold, Penny Banner, Bill Apter
and Dory Funk Jr.

All of a sudden, my world was shaking, I wanted to stay and I could hear my
name being called.

Was it my time?

Hell no, It was my wife Marti shaking me by the back of my Funking Conservatory T shirt telling me it was time for the next training session in preparation for the next !BANG! TV Taping, Support the Troops 11, Cold War I. For more information go to our website at


Dory and Marti Funk will be in Charlotte, N.C. for the Mid-Atlantic Legends
and Fanfest on Saturday January 31st and Sunday February 1st.


Fight Camp 2004 Funking Conservatory Schedule
January 13 through January 18 (One Week of Training)
January 13 through January 25 (Two Weeks of Training)

February 10 through February 15 (One Week of Training)
February 10 through February 22 (Two Weeks of Training)
February 10 through February 29 (Three Weeks of Training)

March 9 through March 14 (One Week of Training)
March 9 through March 21 (Two Weeks of Training)
March 9 through March 28 (Three Weeks of Training)

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