In Funk's Corner

Bruce Hart is coming to the Funking Conservatory to compete on our !BANG! Television Show
and scout wrestling talent for Stampede Wrestling in Calgary Alberta Canada. He will be in the
training camp March 28 and appear on !BANG! on March 30.

More information on the !BANG! Television Taping

Welcome to the stories of the Hart Family of Calgary, Alberta.
We are on the way to Calgary and an exciting experience in the wrestling business.
The results will be posted on Saturday.
Our thanks to the Hart Family and Funking Conservatory Champions.
Meet Bruce and Bret

A Family Reunion

The Legend of Mabel

Merry Old England

Bruce (Easy Rider) Hart

It's a Fun Business

We Are Family

Taking it up a Notch

Wrestling With The Past

On Friday February 22nd these members of the Funking Conservatory will working for Stampede Wrestling.

Marti Funk, Dory Funk, Adam Windsor and Cleopatra

BoneCrusher Smith,        Claudia Rieff  Neil Faith

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