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We Are Family

First, The Cowboys

Dory Funk Sr. and Stu Hart - Head Honchos

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There is nothing like having the support of your parents in the wrestling business. The choice
of professions was mine. The only requirement laid down by my father and mother was that
I finish college first. As I neared the end of my last semester at West Texas State University,
I made the choice for the wrestling business. Three years later Terry followed and with the
support of my mother, Dorothy and my father Dory Sr. we became a "wrestling family."

Stu and Helen Hart devoted their life to raising a family of 12 highly intelligent kids. All of them
in one way or another chose to be part of the wrestling business. Bret and Owen Hart because
of their association with the WWF and their "in ring talent." became international super stars. All
of the Hart children have been highly involved in the wrestling business either in the ring working
or in the promotion of wrestling. The Harts are a wrestling family.

Sir Leshick and his son, Adam, The Royal Stud, Windsor

Adam Windsor at only the age of twenty has become a major player in the future of the wrestling
business. There is no other his age who has come so far in pro wrestling. His parents also insisted that
Adam first get an education. The Royal Stud has a degree in computer programing and actually left a
lucrative position with an internet company to pursue his dreams in the wrestling business. His father,
Sir Leshick and mother Lady Patricia have been highly supportive of Adam in his choice of career.

Neil and Lord Malcolm Faith

Neil Faith will be making a big commitment when he steps out into the wrestling business as he
makes the trip from England to Calgary Alberta Canada as a part of the Funking Conservatory / Stampede
Wrestling show, "Family Reunion." Lord Malcolm and Lady Maureen together have given Neil their full
support and Lord Malcolm will even be traveling to Calgary for the show as Neil and the Royal Stud
take on Bruce and Teddy Hart, defending the Funking Conservatory Tag Team Championship.

Cleopatra / HiJinks and Bobby Bone Crusher Smith

The common thread among all of the wrestlers in the Funking conservatory is the support of
their parents. Sometimes it is financial, some times is just that they are at ringside in support
of their children. Sometimes it their love and caring about them as they go about their lives.
Cleopatra / HiJinks owes much to the encouragement of here parents, John and Katherine

Like most of our kids who come to the Funking Conservatory, Bone Crusher has watched
wrestling on television since he could hold his head up. Our studies even indicate exposure
to wrestling on television during a mother's pregnancy could influence a child as he/she
grows up. How else could Bone Crusher have been such a natural. Our thanks to his mother
and father, Andrew Smith and Joanne Nasworth.

"The Claw" Head Referee

Here at the Funking Conservatory, we are family, all grateful to our parents as we,
"Follow our Dreams." Claudia Reiff is appreciative of her parents, Jack and Judy Reiff.
Her father took her to wrestling from the time she was one year old at the Miami Beach
Auditorium. (She must have seen Dory Funk Jr. vs Jack Brisco) Hopefully she didn't
cheer for Jack.)

Marti Funk -TV  Producer of !BANG!
Father, The Reverend John McKinley

Marti's parents, the Reverend John and Betty McKinley first introduced her to photography
as a child and have offered spiritual leadership all her life. According to Marti, "Here at the
Funking Conservatory, We are about family."

We are a team as the Funking Conservatory goes to Calgary.

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More Stories of the Hart Family

Family Reunion
Friday February 22nd
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Legion of Doom Auditorium
Show Time 7:30pm
For Tickets, call - 403-279-3636
TV Production - Marti Funk

Appearing on the card for the Funking Conservatory.
Funking Conservatory World Champion Adam Windsor,
TV Champion Bone Crusher Smith,
Head Referee Claudia Rieff
Women's Champion Cleopatra
European Champion Neil Faith
Funking Conservatory's Big Man of Controversy, Smokin' Sam Henessy

Appearing in the card for Stampede Wrestling.
Bruce Hart
Teddy Hart
Eddie Mustang
Dave Swift
Vick Vane
Quick Kick Kirck
The Orderly
and others from Stampede Wrestling.

Also appearing will be Principle Pound who speaks of condemnation for all the fat
out of shape under achieving children occupying the school system of Calgary.