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Family Reunion

What a Fun Business

Dory Funk Arena in Ocala, Florida - Dory Funk Jr., Osamu Nishimura and Adam Windsor

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Wow, Do you know the Harts? Bret Hart is my childhood hero. Are you talking about the Hart Family?

I answered, "Oh yeah, we're going to see them in a couple of weeks. I've known them for years. I met
Owen when he was just four years old and most of their family has been to visit me in Texas. Adam here
is going to be wrestling Bruce Hart and one of the grand kids, Teddy Hart on the card."

I could feel the emotion coming from the heart of the 18 year student from Pittsburgh. He was here with
his father to visit the Funking Conservatory and Dory Funk Arena as a part of his selection process in
choosing a pro wrestling school.

If you ask Adam Windsor who his idol was when he was a kid, the first name out of his mouth will be
Bret Hart. The family has had a powerful influence on the wrestling business.

Once again Marti and I will be making the trip to Calgary with the Funking Conservatory and some
of our very special performers for their show on February 22nd at the Legion of Doom Arena.

The Brit-Pack, Adam Windsor and Neil Faith will be wrestling Bruce Hart and Teddy Hart with the
Funking Conservatory Tag Championship on the line. Our Women's Champion will be facing quite
a challenge when she puts the Funking Conservatory Women's title on the line against Nattie Neidhart.
(Daughter of one half of the Hart Foundation, Jim Neidhart) Neil Faith and Adam Windsor will also
be wrestling single matches along with Bobby BoneCrusher Smith. Smokin' Sam Henessy will be
on the card also. The official referee on premises from the Funking Conservatory will be Claudia

The Student from Pittsburgh  had more questions about our training program and what his schedule would
be like when he comes to the Funking Conservatory. As this young athlete talked, I noticed he
had an uncanny resemblance to another friend of mine and told him the looked much like Rob Van

"Wow, do you know Rob Van Dam too?"

I answered, "Oh yeah, he was here just a couple of weeks ago."

"What a fun business."

What if I told him I trained Kurt Angle?

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Paparazzi Report - Cleopatra and Neil Faith share a cola at the River Thames Cafe.  "It's true, It's true."

Family Reunion
Friday February 22nd
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Legion of Doom Auditorium
Show Time 7:30pm
For Tickets, call - 403-279-3636
TV Production - Marti Funk

Appearing on the card for the Funking Conservatory.
Funking Conservatory World Champion Adam Windsor,
TV Champion Bone Crusher Smith,
Head Referee Claudia Rieff
Women's Champion Cleopatra
European Champion Neil Faith
Funking Conservatory's Big Man of Controversy, Smokin' Sam Henessy

Appearing in the card for Stampede Wrestling.
Bruce Hart
Teddy Hart
Eddie Mustang
Dave Swift
Vick Vane
Quick Kick Kirk
The Orderly
and others from Stampede Wrestling.

Also appearing will be Principle Pound who speaks of condemnation for all the fat
out of shape under achieving children occupying the school system of Calgary.

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